Splinterlands challenge - Odd Ones Out|| A mistake but no effect

Hello all Splinterlands friends,
This is my entry for the Battle Mage Secrets challenge
This week's theme is the Odd Ones Out ruleset, so I would like to share a battle with it.

The battle ruleset

  • 35 mana cap
  • Ruleset - Odd Ones Out and What Doesn't Kill You
  • Splinter - Fire/Water/Life and Death Splinter can be used

After considering the rulesets, I decided to use Water Splinter because I have more strong odd mana melee monsters to utilize the best What Doesn't Kill You

My lineup

SummonerPossibilus the Wise - In the recent games, I use him quite often because he has 3 abilities which are very useful in the battle
1st positionLemell Refugee - this is my new monster. I use her in 1st position because of her Void Armor ability. She can survive longer in the battle if my enemy uses magic monsters
2nd positionNoa the Just- to reduce 2 armors from all enemy monsters but he still can attack with Weapon Training ability from Kulu Mastermind and Reach ability from Possibilus the Wise
3rd positionKulu Mastermind - to give addition melee attack to Noa the Just and can attack lowest monster with Opportunity then deal additional attack if he can kill the monster with Trample ability from Possibilus the Wise
4th positionVenari Wavesmith - to protect better my monsters with 2 more armors
5th positionCruel Sethropod - it's really a mistake. I want to choose Uraeus. However, when I apply 3-mana filter, these 2 guys stand close together and I made a wrong click

The battle

You can click on the image to watch the battle

My enemy had a strong lineup with all the monsters and summoner at the max level.

  • Drybone Barbarian with Retaliate can counter the melee attack of my monsters
  • War Pegasus with the high attack speed will deal the early attack and erase my tanker armor with Shatter ability
  • Chaos Agent has Dodge ability and has an additional 25% chance to evade an attack. It's really a pain in my ass when Kulu Mastermind missed the attack to Chaos Agent 3 times consecutive. Until Venari Wavesmith killed him with a never-miss magic attack then I felt relief

Finally, I won this game in round 6

That's all for now and hope you enjoy this battle.
I would love to see your battle with the Odd Ones Out ruleset in the Splinterlands community.

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