Splinterlands challenge - Broken Arrow | Melee vs. Magic

Hello all Splinterlands friends,
This is my entry for the Battle Mage Secrets challenge.
This week's theme is the Broken Arrow ruleset, so I want to share a battle with it.

The battle ruleset

  • 35 mana cap
  • Ruleset - Broken Arrow and Are you not Entertained?
  • Splinter - all of Splinters can be used in this battle

About the Broken Arrow, it's simple that I can not use any Ranged monster in this battle. So the key thing is Are you not Entertained? which allows you to use a Gladiator card in this battle

My lineup

With these rulesets, I decided to choose Water Splinter. My strategy is to have Noa the Just in the team to reduce 2 armor from all enemy monsters and use Opportunity monster to clear the enemy team as quick as possible.

SummonerKelya Frendul - to have +1 speed and can make the early attack to the enemy team to take the advantages
1st positionNoa the Just - I chose him to reduce all enemy monsters armor by 2 with Rust ability
2nd positionKulu Mastermind - I put him in this position to give 3 melee attack to Noa the Just and he also can attack with Opportunity skill
3rd positionScavo Hireling - to repair the damaged armors of my monsters
4th positionDeeplurker - another monster with Opportunity so he can attack from any position.
5th positionIsgald Vorst - one of my favorite Gladiator with Opportunity skill
6th positionPelacor Bandit - a high-speed monster with Sneak ability to attack the enemy backline

The battle

You can click on the image to watch the battle

  • My enemy chose a different strategy with Obsidian summoner and magic monsters. Its strategy is to let Mycelic Slipspawn absorb all the attacks with her Taunt ability while Quora attacks from the 2nd position. Goblin Psychic will heal Mycelic Slipspawn then Quora later. The disadvantage of this strategy is that all enemy monsters have low speed. That means my team can kill some monsters before the enemy team can deal any attack. In addition, *Rust ability from Noa the Just eliminates the Protect from Queen Mycelia.
  • In round 1, Mycelic Slipspawn was blown away after 4 attacks from my monsters. After that, Queen Mycelia followed Mycelic Slipspawn. Later, my Noa the Just was killed but there is no more armor to protect enemy monsters from my Opportunity melee monsters.
  • In round 2, only Goblin Psychic was sent to the graveyard.
  • In round 3, there were only 2 monsters on the enemy side while I still had 5 monsters. 3 of them have 4 melee attacks. Only Quora with 10 HP is not enough to against my team and I won this battle.

That's all for now.
I hope you enjoy this battle and have a nice weekend

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