Splinterlands challenge - Brawl battle with Little League ruleset

Hello all Splinterlands friends,
This is my entry for the Battle Mage Secrets challenge
This week's theme is the Little League ruleset, so I would like to share a battle with it and it's from the latest brawl (#167)

The battle ruleset

  • 51 mana cap - It's a higher mana battle cap. However, we never can use up all the mana because of Little League ruleset 😁
  • Ruleset - Equalizer, Little League and Rise of the Commons
  • Splinter -Fire/Earth/Death and Dragon can be used

With Little League ruleset, I often use Earth splinter with Obsidian because I have several magic monsters with mana below 4. However, I checked the battle history of my enemy, Thaddius Brood was frequently used, he directly counters the benefit of Obsidian. Then I decided to switch to Daria Dragonscale

My lineup

SummonerDaria Dragonscale - to give +1 additional melee attack to all of my monsters. I played in Bronze league in this brawl, so she nearly doubled the damage of my melee monsters
1st postionXENITH MONK - he is the good choice in tank position with the Heal ability
2nd postionTWILIGHT BASILISK - a good melee damage with Reach ability that helps him to attack in the 2nd position
3rd postionVENARI BONESMITH - Life Leech ability can help him to stay longer in the battle
4th postionDhampir Infiltrator - My main attack dealer in this battle with her Double Strike and Sneak ability. I expect she can clear the enemy backline quickly
5th postionRavenhood Warden - 2 additional armors that protect my monsters better
6th postionSOUL STRANGLER - Actually, I have several options for this position. I decided to choose a ranged monster to diversify the attack type. My enemy may choose Mylor Crowling and I will be lost the battle if I only have melee monsters on the battlefield

The battle

You can click on the image to watch the battle

  • Finally, my enemy chose to use level 1 Thaddius Brood then my enemy can only use level 1 monsters on the battlefield. Even though there is no big difference in monsters' damage but missing Heal ability of XENITH MONK is a big disadvantage for him.
  • My enemy also put a Gladiator card in the 6th position and expected him can kill some monsters and got stronger. Unfortunately for him, my Dhampir Infiltrator already killed him in Round 2.
  • Finally, I could finish the game in Round 5

That's all for now and hope you enjoy this battle.
I would love to see your battle with the Little League ruleset in the Splinterlands community.

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