Splinterlands - A lucky battle with Close range rule set

Hello all Splinterlands friends,
Today I would like to share with you here the battles with Close Range rule set. The weekly battle challenge was changed to a new format and I need to adapt to it.
Eventually, the new format asks you to play more battles in order to find out a battle with a required rule set. It's not flexible as the old format.

The battle rule

  • 38 mana cap
  • Rule set - Stampede and Close Range
  • Only Fire/Water/Earth/Life splinters can be used

Normally, we can use General Sloan to get 1 additional range attack to all range monsters. However, I used Kelya Frendul to maximize the speed to evade the attack from my opponent's monsters (if my opponent wants to use General Sloan) because most of the Life range monsters have slow speed.

My lineup

SummonerKelya Frendul - to have 1 speed and 1 armor to protect my monsters
1st positionNoa the Just - I chose him to be a tanker because he has very high speed so he has a very chance to evade the attack from opponent's monsters. He also reduces 2 armors of all opponent's monsters so my attacks become more deadly
2nd positionKulu Mastermind - to give the melee attack to Noa the Just and can attack the lowest health monster with his Opportunity ability
3rd positionDemented Shark - to give 1 additional melee attack to Noa and Kulu
4th positionAxemaster - the main attack dealer with Double strike ability
5th positionSwamp Spitter - can repair the armor and helps my monsters stay longer on the battlefield
6th positionFurious Chicken - no more mana left so I need to choose this chicken to protect my monsters from any Sneak monster

The combination of Noa the Just and Kulu Mastermind is my new strategy with new soulbound cards and I use it quite frequently and get a high win rate with it. If you have them in your deck, you can make a try.

The battle

Round 1

(You can click on the image to watch the battle)

  • My opponent chose Obsidian and magic monsters which already destroyed my strategy because the magic attack would not miss.
  • The armor and high speed couldn't help Noa the Just to stay against the magic attack and he was blown away.
  • My team was able to kill Mycelic Slipspawn with high damage from Kulu/Axemaster and Swamp Spitter

Round 2

  • My Kulu hardly hit Unicorn Mustang before being faded out. And Swamp Spitter could eliminate Unicorn Mustang

Round 3

  • From round 3, the high speed brought a big advantage to my team. My team could kill the flying deer. I was afraid of some missing attacks because of Flying ability. However, it didn't happen. So lucky for me.
  • My Shark also attacked the healing Goblin and sent him home before being killed.

Round 4

  • Until round 4, the Close Range rule set brought the advantage to my team when Axemaster was pushed to 1st position. He still can attack and my team could end the battle this round.

I was very lucky when won this battle. I might lose the battle if my opponent had a higher-level summoner and stronger magic monsters.

That's all for now and hope you enjoy this battle.
I would love to see your battle with Close range rule set in the Splinterlands community.

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