Clash For Chaos Legion Packs! Version 2 😉

Hello again tournament seekers! messed up on my last tourney i posted and it was no legendary summoners instead of no legendary, sorry about that! 😅 submitted a new one thats accurate now! Modified my tournament a bit to be able to lower the minimum required players AND increase the odds of getting packs in the lower ranks. hope you enjoy! 😁


Tourney Link Here!

Tournament Rules:

Novice league levels

No Legendaries

Untamed/Chaos Legion Only

16 hour/ anytime event with 2 rounds.
Top 50% advance to second round.

Tournament Prizes!

  1. First place wins 3 Chaos Legion Packs!!
  2. Second place wins 2 Chaos Legion Packs!
    3-10. third through tenth place wins 1 Chaos Legion Pack!

11-99. every multiple of 5 wins 1 Chaos Legion Pack. so 15, 20, 25, etc.

100-200. every multiple of 10 wins 1 Chaos Legion Pack. numbers 100, 150, and 200 will win 2 chaos legion packs.

Tourney Link Here!

Hope to see you there!


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AND, come join the fun at hivepizza! discord witth prizes, airdrops, and great people! :D


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