BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! BROKEN ARROWS - Diamond Tournament

This post is an entry to the BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge!



Description: Units with ranged attacks cannot be used.


  • Units with 2 types of attack (which include ranged) cannot be used.
  • Consider utilizing units with Thorns or Magic Reflect, as your opponent will have to use either melee or magic units.

The Battle


Battle RulesetsDescriptionInfo
AIMLESSAll Monsters have the Scattershot ability.This can hit the camouflage monsters too.
BROKEN ARROWSRanged attack Monsters may not be used in battles.A high HP first monster with Void ability will deal with both melee and magic. Give your tank a backup with a tank heal support. Using Thorns or Magic Reflect is also very useful in this rule set. Defend against either Magic or Melee attacks by using the right summoner and then using monsters' abilities to deal with the other attack type.
STAMPEDEThe Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled Monster is killed.Higher HP and speed are the keys in this ruleset. Dispel helps to remove Trample.


It was my favorite Tournament type, the Diamond Beginner. I am the best in these tournaments, but this was the second round with a hard enemy.

Lily Shieldpaw - I forgot that Aimless can hit camouflage monsters too, so it was a bad decision.
Wily Coyotian - A soulbound reward card, at the last Weekly Challange I only had level 9, but now it is level 10! :)
Life Sapper - My first magic monster with redemption, this was my main strategy.
Venari Spellsmith - My second magic monster with redemption.
Vruz - Martyr Monster is a solid option for this game. Vruz is a quick and dirty damage dealer, I wanted to make my next monster even bigger.
Dhampir Infiltrator - I hoped she could cause some trouble in the enemy backline.
Corpse Fiend - Filler of the board.

Battle - Replay


Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

No. I only had a 3% chance to win. I tried more different lineups but found no good team. Congratulation @roguepatton


Battle Results


Tournament Results

I am satisfied with the result. 8 SPS -> 40 SPS.


Do you like the BROKEN ARROWS ruleset? Why or why not?

Yes. Ranged monsters are my least favorite type of monster, so I don't miss them much :)

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