Tokenized a GIF Image of my hand drawing "Fire Demon"

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I tokenized a GIF Image of my drawing "Fire Demon" that I drew for #splinterlands monster art contest. I attach My drawings with manual colours and digital colours (both) as unlock-able file, so when you purchase the GIF Image you can able to unlock drawing (still image) as well.

"Fire Demon" in action

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Price : 120 SWAP.HIVE ($16.413)
Editions : ONE

Drawing/Still Image

Post Link


Software I used :

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 for cut the Fire and make couple of layers
Adobe Image Ready 7.0 for creating GIF by frames


You can visit My Gallery at #nftshowroom to check my other drawings and GIFs.

I created Gif of Splinterlands monster character. Splinterlands is block-chain based collectible card game where players can earn crypto by winning battles and completing daily quests etc.
User can also trade their card on market.
I myself joined the game very late. But I am enjoying it a lot and inviting you all, here is my Ref Link to begin with and visit FAQ to know more about it.

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