I made it to Silver I! And then Gold III!

Updates for the TeamShare account I'm playing, @ts-goblin

That's right... I was already going to post about how I'd made it to Silver I, but then I kept going. Now I'm in Gold III, but I should probably stop for a while and let the ECR recharge a bit. We'll see, though. I can play a lot more on the weekends than I can during the week. During the week, I'll probably be able to get a quest done, but perhaps not a ton more than that.

Tier Advancement: Silver I - 18 loot chests

Silver I Tier Advancement

League Unlocked: Gold III - 22 loot chests

Gold III League Unlocked

My plan is to earn DEC playing my own account and this leased one and spend the earnings buying strategically high-DEC-for-your-buck cards such as cheap gold ones, just so I can progress further in leagues with the cards that I have. I'm stuck in the Silver league until I can upgrade the cards for @no-hay-problema a little more.

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