Opening 17 Chaos Legion Packs - My biggest investment in a long time.


Traded for 16 Packs - 1 Pack from Rewards

I decided to unload some hive-engine tokens that I have collected that we're sitting there and not doing anything. I had bought up a bunch of ENTRY tokens to use in dcity, but my current entry token earning has dropped, and I still don't have a hacker to spend anything in the entry store. I know my friend @summertooth has been trying to collect as many as you can for a big purchase, and he also happened to humble brag about the number of chaos legion packs he is one from dcity over the past months. We decided that we should do a trade of my entry tokens for his chaos packs and I would open it.

I also managed to get lucky and score pack in the season rewards. I was excited to open that one, and thought I should add another 16 to the total and open up all 17 at once with full potions

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Pack Opening - Lets see what I got

17 packs gives me 85 chances at pulling some good cards. As you can see below I did okay with my opening, although I don't feel like I got any big cards or anything that really got me excited. I got zero legendary, two epics, and four common gold foil. I also managed to snag three or four summoners, but unfortunately I have no need for the fire summoner at this point, but really need more of the earth summoner.

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Thoughts On Added Cards

The feeling after opening these packs is the reason why it's been so long since I've made a decent sized purchase. Well it is fun to gamble and open packs, I usually have this feeling of disappointment, frustration and regret that my money would have been much better spent actually buying five to seven cards for the same amount of money that would vastly improve my collection versus all the generic stuff that I already have. I can't say I'm disappointed because at this point I know that this is probably the average experience in opening up 17 packs. But it has tempered my desire to buy anymore packs unless somehow my post earnings go through the roof and I have a huge influx of Hive I can spend.

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Profit/Loss of opening Packs

Just take a quick look at the economics of opening these packs, as you can see the average value of 17 chaos packs on high engine was $1.80 x 17 = $30.6. That would be my baseline if I sold the packs and converted to deck and just bought cards that I needed.

Since I opened these there's both the cost of the packs and the potions, but for this argument the potions were really free, and just part of the regular game rewarding system so there was no real additional cost. Given the number of potions I earn I don't see any avenue to selling them on the secondary market like I used to.


Taking a look at what I actually got for cards and their retail value as if the time that I opened them I mean you can see that the cars that I opened had a grand value of $18.27. This means I lost over $12 of value by opening the packs and gambling. While not quite a 50% loss, it's feels really close. oK fine it's a 41% drop but who is counting?

It makes me wary of buying any more packs to open versus just selling everything for DEC and either holding it until I have enough to buy what I want, or possibly adding it to a liquidity pool to earn even more.

It might have been smarter to hold and wait until the end for a chance at all the new releases cards since these don't count towards the airdrop. I should have waited but have no self control to do so.


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