Using the Peakmonsters deck build feature for the first time

The splinterlands town hall was very exciting yesterday and we players finally got to see the last Chaos Summoner that is to be airdropped soon which also means that Chaos is running out. So, make sure to grab your packs before it becomes really costly and even unavailable.

I got to know about the feature and decided to check out at Mavs on the Sl discord and one of the Mavs was kind enough to direct me to Bulldog's video. Well, after watching the video,

I tried to experiment with it and took a few screenshots.

This feature of peakmonsters will be really helpful to those who rent.

Like if I wanted to rent a whole deck, yea, there are options to select based on editions or the whole set of cards if you are choosing wild. If modern, then you can limit your selections too. So, check this feature out and try to rent for a day or two and see if you are able to play well and advance in the leagues. Once you advance, you get more rewards that are better too.

As I have said before, I had stopped playing for a while but now I am back with filler and now reached Diamond but slipped back to gold. I do hope to reach Diamond 2 if possible. Earlier, it was not even possible to reach diamond so easily. With the new rules and other tweaks, I was able to reach Diamond without any problem. It feels great to be playing again and getting all those juicy rewards. I hope I am able to get enough reward cards.

My suggestion to the team would be to remove the SPS and merits from rewards and give out the soul-bound reward cards again because it will incentivize the gamers to play with a zeal to get all those cards again.

Anyways, here are the screenshots.

The opening page where you see the 'Build a deck'
You can choose cards

I had to enter a name in order to confirm the deck.

Remember, I was just experimenting. So, I chose the level one deck for death. I also did not select public as it cannot be reversed.

As you can see, this deck can be viewed in the 'My decks' section. It can be expanded by clicking the splinter image too. When expanded, both the sale price and the rent price are displayed.

If you already have that card, it is green and if not, it says - to check the market.

I hope the image makes things clear.

When new players are trying to rent from peakmonsters using this feature, it will not only help the player to select easily but also provide the sale information. if for example, I have the money to buy a card, I would certainly invest in it than rent it.

Small drops make the ocean. So, buying cards is certainly not a bad idea at all.

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