The monsters I like most on splinterlands

This is not a post on splinterlands monster stats and the like. This is one about why I like to use certain monsters while playing. The ones I have never even thought of selling. So, if you think I am just going to state some facts about monsters about whom you already know a lot about, you are wrong.

There are hundreds of posts about the stats and strategies and you will find them easily on the Splinterlands discord - Sl Post Promotion only tab.

So, here are a few of my favorite things er monsters.

I am giving screenshots of the monsters that I prefer usually. I want you to pick your favorite and tell me in the comment section why you like that particular monster. Maybe you can write a post about it too. Why I ask you to do this because I want more people to understand the game of splinterlands. Many hive users I have come across kind of stay away from the game because they do not understand the basics. I too was like that until I entered the city of Neoxian where Xawi, Reaz, Burl, the Neoxian dragon, and the others kept discussing the game and it got me interested. So, if we players keep writing about the game and spreading awareness, more hive users will step into the game and because they already know Hive, it will be easier for all.

I am sorry for the long line of images. I couldn't get the alignment right. Anyways, you get the idea. These are the monsters I use if I am able to and whether or not I win, these are my choices, most of the time.

The sea monster and the healing ability are what made me win when I first started. Those days, there was no wild and modern and it was the golden period in Splinterlands' history.

Coeurl lurker and the mighty look and stats and the win rate were what made this an instant hit with me. It is a relatively new card and I have yet to use it more but it sticks with me.

The ant miner may look tiny but the scavenging ability and the low mana had made it a favorite.

Fungus flinger looks really cute and could make a great soft toy but the martyrdom and giving others power has made me like it so much and plus it is my first soul-bound card. Yea!

Dhampir Infiltrator with double strikes and sneak always helps me when I am using the dragon to defeat my opponent. btw - is it a he or she?

Tusk looks like Obleix if you are familiar with the Astrix comics. Doesn't he?


Coming back, Regal peryton is one monster I would never leave out.

Cursed Windeku might look gory but I have used this and also observed other players using it a lot. I remember the objection raised when the eye candy for this monster appeared during a town hall meeting.

Sandworm is one worm that is indispensable. Especially in high mana matches, including the sandworm is a must.

So, the above are my most used monsters. Please comment on your list or write a post about it. Do not forget to use the #spt #play2earn(also on Twitter) tags besides #neoxian #oneup and others.

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