The mighty warriors that battled once - BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge!

When I read about the ruleset about which we splinterland gamers were to write this week, I was not sure I would get one at all. Anyways, I decided to try and the first battle that came across was the 'close range'.

Speaking honestly, it is a tricky ruleset and often, I get confused about what monsters to choose and most times, end up unlucky because my opponent is better than me. Anyways, this time, I was lucky because I had rented great cards for the brawl.

To the curators, I want to mention that I am building my @filler deck and therefore will not be playing seriously from @sayee again. I am not leaving splinterlands but I decided to concentrate only on deck. So, I will be writing splinterlands posts only from Sayee. Also, it would be crap to spam my son's blog with gaming posts and such because he has written good posts from that blog and I do not want to clutter it.

Back to the close range ruleset.

You can click the image above to watch the battle. As you can see, the opponent has used one of the most powerful summoners in the Chaos legion - Kelya. She is so powerful that some guilds have banned her from brawls. The lineup is also equally powerful consisting of the Shark, Squid, Oshannus, Ooze, Kulu, and deeplurker.
The mistake that the opponent made was not to include a repair monster. One that could have repaired the monsters' armor.

Coming to my lineup, the rule was close range. So, I chose a monster that would slow the opponent and thus Baajkira which also has void that is important while defending magic attacks. To my surprise, Oshannus which is now very cheap to rent is very useful. Next comes the water elemental that I really like because of the self heal and is a very strong range monster. Gem meteor is equally strong and surprisingly I chose the clockwork aide that I had got as a reward one fine day. The aide not only defended itself with the armor but also gave speed to the others as well. The Scavo repaired and thus the team worked together and won the battle.

The battle can be won if you spare a few moments to think twice. Sometimes, I use my mobile, choose the battle and then try to select different teams and if time permits, I think of the chances of a win and submit the one that has the most chances according to my calculations. Sometimes, I end up right, and sometimes I am wrong. it also depends on the opponent who can be ten times brighter than me.

Again, it is also dependent on the opponent sometimes. The enemy could choose a team that is completely irrelevant to the rule and still win. I have seen many such village people who choose Obsidian and a team of magic monsters when the rule was magic reflect and range and still won. Perhaps, the thought was to use powerful magic and somehow evade the reflection.

Recently, I have started playing Golem Overlord. If you are interested, you can read my previous post about it.

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