Splinterlands has done it again

When chores took over, I had to give up my deck for renting and I so missed playing my favorite game. The rent revenue was of course appealing and I must I made more than playing.

For a gamer if I can call myself that, playing is more fun, of course and not wanting to miss the fun and also to remove the stress of daily life, I cancelled my rents. Before that, I had played from Filler with my cards and I could win easily and reach Silver. So, I became confident enough to cancel the rents on Sayee and transfer it to Filler and play and was able to reach Diamond 3.

The new soul bound rewards are really cool and even though, it cannot be levelled up soon by just picking it off from the market, it can still be used and people will start playing daily just for earning these new rewards and level it up. Players should also be aware that they have to play daily in order to earn these soul bounds before it runs out of print. There is that.

Look at the shiny rewards that I got this last season.

The above is inspiration enough for me to play seriously again. Imagine after two years when we have enough of these soul bound rewards that no one else has. So, those who have left playing, do join in and start playing with a renewed energy and give us all a fierce competition.

This is the new epic card I got from one chest that was of course Diamond level. Unfortunately, I could only play enough to get one chest. I should not have bothered to do other stuff and played more. Anyways I am thankful I got this one. Imagine the Inspire ability giving strength to all my green monsters during the battle. I do wish it had little mana like that of the older Brownie card. The abilities lare just awesome at max level.

I got two of this card. I hope I get enough for gold league at least. 60 cards is not a joke. I do hope I get more soon before it runs out of print. The ability to include a gladiator is so good that serious brawl players would find it very convenient and try to use it often, I am sure. The high mana is a pull back, though.

Anyways, splinterlands has taken a serious route now and those who left will now regret and wish they had never sold their cards. I too sold several of my cards but I did buy more packs and finally became a maverick. I do hope to buy cards along the way and level up my other editions as well.

Sometimes, we take decisions that cannot be reverted and selling cards can be considered one such. I do hope that those who sold and left reconsider coming back to play.

In spite of the recession and tough times around us, splinterlands is the only one keeping us safe from dangerous lows and well fed.

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A huge thanks to @splinterlands and @bdvoter for supporting all splinterlands players
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