I remember the days... Splinterlands deck and playing once more

I remember the days when one player from our guild commented that she had only three decks for playing splinterlands. The fire, water, and death, if I remember right. If any rule set came about that demanded cards she did not have, she would surrender and continue playing. Those days, it was way easier to play and also have fun. It was more about having fun, and racing against each other for the top spot and money was only secondary. It still is like that for the dedicated players, of course.

Well. then what happened? You might ask. Many could not keep up with the investment part and withdrew and some had to sell their cards because of the financial crunch because of the pandemic. The dedicated player base is still there and growing strong. Many have tried to FUD the game but it has not worked well.

Thankfully, I was able to max many of my cards but had to rent them out because of real-life situations. I sold some but kept many in my two accounts. I have stopped renting out my @filler account and hoped to play but could not make it to the next level because of various schedules. I do hope to play more and somehow get back into form, one day. So, if you are considering a break, think twice or thrice before you click that rent button as there is no going back. I learned that the hard way. So, if you want to take a break, make sure to ask someone else to play for you and you can either pay them a share or just give the whole earnings to them if you so wish.

Here are some of the cards that I proudly own on the Filler account.

There are many more but I cannot upload all, of course. I do have level-two summoners that I can use to get into bronze or silver perhaps if I play consistently. I hope to do that once I am a bit free in a few months' time.

I do know that I am an average player at most but then I had never argued that I was the best nor do I need to be to prove that either or play for the money alone. Money earned is a bonus and with or without it, I can still enjoy playing the game.

Splinterlands is the result of genius minds working together and no one can deny it. It is based on the Hive blockchain which makes it more stronger and appealing. Once you get to know the magic of the Hive ecosystem, you will never leave it, of course. Many came for the game and stayed put. So, you can check the other apps out if you wish to know more about Hive such as BRO, Neoxian, Ecency, IndiaUnited, BD community, Peakd, and hobby pages such as needlework, hive book club, and other games on Hive such as dCrops, Muterra, etc.

I will keep updating my splinterlands progress, hopefully. I also look forward to the new rule sets and the soul-bound reward cards.

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