Bolt of Fire - Splinterlands Warrior

The battle


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The stats


It is the beginning of the season. Players from all around the world are waiting for this season to end for the much-awaited splinterlands updates regarding the rewards and the release of the new rewards cards and the Node sales.

Splinterlands is making a big move and time will tell how it is going to affect the player base. Much of these updates are aimed at preventing users and bots from abusing the system. So, it is no longer going to be an easy ride for those who have literally no investment in the game. It simply means that one has to invest in the cards to earn. Now, a player or bot can play with starter cards or rent a few cards and use them to climb up the ladder to get daily rewards and loot chests from the EOS - end of season.
From next season onward, one has to have real owned cards to earn any sort of rewards.

People might think that it will affect the player base but those who loot the game mechanism and the rewards will do no good to the game in the long run. So, it is better that such players either invest and stay or leave and thus do not burn a hole in the dec pool and such.

About the battle

I came upon the week's theme - Scavo Firebolt and thought that I never used this monster much. I was hesitant at first and had to wait for a few battles to test it out and finally got a win. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. So, the next goal is to max this card as soon as possible.
The battle was easy with this powerful card. As you must have noticed from the stats image, the knock out ability gives the firebolt extra special strength to fight even a strong enemy such as the medusa, the ruler, or the prismatic energy. Along with the teammates, it was an easy win.

I am sure you might have noticed that the chaos legion cards are certainly more powerful than all the cards combined. The traditional team combos that were ensured of sure wins earlier this year are now slowly crumbling before the might of the chaos cards. So, if you do not own these cards, it will be a shame because once the modern and the wild format get released, there will be no looking back and the card prices will obviously shoot up.

Chaos cards are now relatively cheaper to max and if you are dedicated to the splinterlands game, please try and buy the cards otherwise it will be a case of history repeating again. I remember not being able to buy cards but after a while, the card prices were like I was looking at Mount Everest. So, grab the opportunity of buying the cards when they are still cheap.

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