Possibilitus The Wise: What Are The Possibilities?

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After the long wait, we now have the stats reveal for the next Legendary Airdrop Summoner for the Chaos Legion. It was the Water Summoner Possibilus the Wise. Just like the previous Summoner Airdrop, it will be a 5 mana-cost summoner with a stat increase and 2 abilities. At the moment of this post we are 200k packs away before the card will finally be unlocked. In order to have a guaranteed airdrop, one must have bought at least 600 packs bought or 0.166% chance for each pack using Dark Energy Crystal or DEC. Gold Foil version of the card will be available for every 1 out of 25 copies of the card or 4%to get one.


10,794,339 of 11 Million packs required sold at the moment of this post for the next Chaos Legion summoner airdrop.


Possibilus The Wise



The frigid wind howled as it blustered through the valley, and WarrenTRX wrapped his fur-lined cloak tightly around himself, shivering. The night was filled by shadows cast by a pale sliver of moon.

When the veil shrouding Praetoria was lifted, the guild known as Team Possible decided unanimously to relocate their hall and its surrounding buildings–including their arena–to this newly uncovered continent. Architects employed by the Order of the Scale oversaw the deconstruction of the guild’s stronghold, its transport across the Splinter Sea, and its reconstruction on Praetoria. It was pricey, especially considering the amount of labor required to complete the move so quickly, but Team Possible was one of the most prestigious guilds in all the Splinterlands, and its coffers easily covered the cost. Besides, the convenience of being so close to Mount Mox and its tournaments more than made up for the expenditure.

However, following the Chaos Legion invasion, Team Possible found themselves isolated and alone, fighting off assaults from legionnaires, dragons, and other eldritch beasts. They began to wonder if the price would turn out to be much higher… not in Dark Energy Crystals, but in the blood and lives of their members.

Now, WarrenTRX stood atop the battlements surrounding the Team Possible stronghold. He and a handful of others were on night watch, prepared to alert the guild in the event of another Chaos Legion assault. He squinted into the darkness, searching for any sign of approaching danger.

A star twinkled in the sky high above. No, not a star. It traced its path much too quickly, growing brighter and larger as it descended from the heavens. On the far side of the valley, the forest was lit by its glow. A contingent of Chaos Legion soldiers burst from the treeline. Dragons took flight. The object slammed into the valley with a thunderous crash, sending a cloud of earth and foliage into the air. Its light winked out, and by the light of the moon, the Chaos Legion advanced toward the site of impact.

WarrenTRX didn’t know what the object was, but he knew if the Chaos Legion wanted it, Team Possible would not let them have it. He rang the massive steel gong that hung suspended above the battlements. As its knell resounded, the gates of the stronghold swung open, and members of the guild galloped forth, racing to meet the Chaos Legion.

DaveMcCoy, BeeYOU, MonsterMother, and MelloFello led the charge. Imbued with the essence of various summoners, they raced around the crater left by the impact of the fallen object. They reign their steeds in and called forth elemental manifestations that met the first rank of the enemy’s legionnaires head-on.

The sky above began to swirl with shades of purple and black. A portal appeared, and an enormous leviathan emerged from it. Water dripped from its scales, and its taloned feet were webbed. Yet it flew, the bones of its wings extending beyond their membrane in wickedly sharp spikes. Upon its chest it wore runic armor, and a massive runic disc was attached to its back.

As the Chaos Legion’s airborne attackers descended upon the leviathan, its armor and disc began to glow, and the disc began to spin. A blast of necrotic energy from a Chaos Dragon slammed into the portal, and it cracked, shattered, and dissolved into nothingness. With a roar, the leviathan emitted a blinding flare of disorienting light and tore into its foes with teeth and talons.

It made quick work of them, and when the last had fallen and crashed to the ground below, the leviathan descended on the Chaos Legion that fought against Team Possible, scattering their ranks and sending the bloodied survivors fleeing.

Stunned, DaveMcCoy and the others watched in awe as the massive creature descended to the ground, folded its wings against its sides, and lumbered toward the crater. It retrieved the object that had fallen from the sky, a runestone, and turned to the guild.

It communicated with them telepathically, thanking them for their aid and telling them of its quest: to retrieve the lost runestones that had been scattered through time and space so that it could return home and save its race.



Card Watch List

Possibilus The Wise is a 5 mana- cost Water Legendary Summoner from the Chaos Legion set. It gives +2 health, the Trample ability which will allow to attack once again if the card was able to defeat it's first target and finally, the Reach ability which will allow a melee monster on the 2nd position to attack and this abilities can bring new possibilities mostly on the melee cards. Here are some of the cards that I think would benefit the most from this card.

Naga Warrior for a 5 mana monster has decent speed 4, huge health of 9, 5 melee damage and has the Retaliate that would give it a chance to hit back any melee monster that attack this card and Enrage which will increase the speed and attack of this card when damaged. Using Possibilus, it can now be placed at the 2nd position as a secondary tank that can attack with huge melee damage.

Raging Impaler for 6 mana has has 3 speed, 9 health and 4 melee damage. With Piercing that allows this card it to deal the extra damage from armor to the targets health and Enrage that increases the speed and damage of this card when it was damaged it can work either as Tank or secondary tank with Reach . It also has Shield that will help to reduce melee and range damage.

Enchanted Defender has low health and speed but has 4 damage but the usual positioning of this card are at the back to be against Sneak with its Thorns but with Reach it can now be at the 2 nd position where it can attack and also serves as bait for Opportunity attacks.

Demented Shark is a 6 mana monster with 4 Speed, 1 Armor, 9 health and 4 melee damage. It has the Thorns that deals damage to the opponent when this card was attacked and Inspire ability which increases the melee damage of all ally monsters. It was usually placed at the last position against Sneak monsters or somewhere in the middle so that it won't get to die first and lose the + damage. Now it can attack as secondary tank while prolonging the effects of it's ability.

Battle Orca has 4 speed, 8 health and 4 attack. It does not have any abilities but for 3 mana, it can be a decent secondary tank on low- mana matches.

Goblin Mech with Pierce and Stun would also work really good for a secondary tank and now that it can also attack at the 2nd with Possibilus, the damage it can give to the opponent will be very significant.

Serpent Of Eld has some good abilities that provides some countermeasures against melee and range monsters but it was an easy target for magic monsters. Now, if it can attack as secondary tank, it can stay longer in battle as well as the possibility of doing Poison damage every time it attacks.

Feasting Seaweed is an Opportunity monster and it will always target the monster with the lowest health. In that case, chances of defeating an opponent is incredibly high and when that happens, the Trample that it gets from Possibilus would allow it to attack the monster next to the target monster.

War Chaang has both range and melee attacks but the problem to this card is that it cannot use melee attacks until it was at the 1st position while it cannot use range when it's there unless there is a favorable rule set. but now, at the very least, it can do melee attacks with Reach and still throw some range damage until the primary tank was defeated.

Another Opportunity monster, Deeplurker can target the opponent with the lowest health and if it can manage to defeat it then it can get the chance to Trample the opponent next to it while also have the chance to Poison it.


Coeurl Lurker is a Taunt card but can also but placing it on the 1st position was not always the right answer because sometimes we want to at least another monster to received the attack of the opponent's tank and so we place it at the last position, but since it can use Reach with Possibilus can now allow this card to be a secondary tank where it can attack.



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