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This is Exploring the Chaos where I take a look on Chaos Legion and now also the Riftwatchers cards, as they brought new abilities that changes how we play the game.

The last Chaos Legion ability that I tackle would be Forcefield, an ability that reduce all attacks that are 5 or more to only 1 and which is similar to Taunt or Void. The next ability that I am going to discuss is the Rebirth ability.

Ability Name
When this monster dies it will self resurrect with 1 health once per battle.


  • After the ability was used, negative status effects such as Poison will be Cleanse.

  • Ability was separated from Ressurect so it can be used when together with Rebirth.


  • Monster with Rebirth ability will return to the field with only 1 health, making easy target for Opportunity.

  • Snare and Cripple abilities stick to the monster even after using the self- resurrect and cleansed of other negative effects.

Rebirth is a self- Ressurect ability that allows the card to revive itself after it was defeated. Negative status effects are then removed aside from Snare and Cripple but at the same time, the monster will only have 1 health. Currently, the only monster with the Rebirth ability was Runi which was a promo card and is the very first generative NFT for the game.


Rebirth Card Stats & Other abilities


EditionPromo Card
Mana Cost6
Elementneutral.png Neutral
Card Typemelee2.png Melee
Abilitiesability_opportunity_small.png Opportunity
ability_rebirth (1).png Rebirth
ability_true-strike_small.png True Strike
ability_reflection-shield_small.png Reflection Shield
RF Burn Value-
GF Burn Value-
Each Runi has different collection power depending on thier parts and card recontruction will just add thier cp through burning the cards, saving the parts that they want to combine.


For generations upon generations, the Riftwatchers have pursued the Chaos Legion across realms and seen them drained of magic by the dark god, Uul. They collected the cast-off dregs of war, repurposing what they could salvage into weapons, gathering their strength and building an arsenal for the day when they would face off against their enemy.

One such weapon is the runicore, or “runi” as it is also known.

The runi is a collection of spare parts gathered by the Riftwatchers’ junkers: armor, clothing, corpses, and anything else that can serve as a body; weapons that range from axes, swords, and polearms to fish, sweets, and rabbits; anything–literally anything–a technomancer might be able to repurpose into a power core and infuse the runi with life; and, sometimes, a warhelm or jaunty headgear to give the runi a personal touch.

The Riftwatchers are not without a sense of humor, and there’s nothing quite as satisfying as thumbing one’s nose at the legions of Chaos by sending a relentless magical construct with a pert foolscap atop its head against them.

The junker brings their spare parts to the rune crafters, who inscribe the parts with runic symbols. Technomancers infuse these runes with techno-magic, binding the parts together and instilling the runi with life. With that done, all that’s left is to point the implacable little construct at the enemy and tell it to kill.

And kill it does. Continue Reading...

Card Stats


Runi is a Legendary Promo melee card for the Neutral Element with the new ability Rebirth which allows this card to return after it was defeated with only 1 health it also has Opportunity at level 1 so that it can attack the monster with the lowest health regardless of the position, True Strike at level 2 so that all of it's attacks won't miss and the Reflection Shield ability at level 3 so reflected and indirect damage does not hurt this card.

Card Price


Runi's can only be bought and sold on Etherium Network either through ETH or WETH and prices vary on each of their unique characteristics. Rental for this card is currently not supported by the game. As for the ones that I am using, this is how he looks and stats.


Runi image are screenshots from Opensea. Runi used is a delegated card from @aruchard


Rebirth in Action

Battle 1:


Modern Silver.png
Silver League
Modern Format
17 Mana Cap
Available Elements: Fire, Water, Death, dragon
Briar Patch
All Monsters have the Thorns ability.
Reverse Speed
Monsters with the lowest Speed attack first and have the highest chance of evading attacks.

This is a 17 Mana Cap battle where melee monster will received when they attack a monster and the slowest monster gets to attack first. I choose the summoner Aquatus for a water team because it gives the Backfire that will deal -2 damage on a opponent when they miss their target and despite not having the Reflection shielded ability yet, I pic Runi for it is slow with armor and even if it dies, it will revived and can at least attack twice. At the final round, after delivering the final blow on Silent Sha-vi, Runi also lost it's health but was able to came back after using Rebirth


Image 1: Runi turns 0 health after defeating Silent Sha-vi.


Image 2: Runi resurrects after using rebirth.


Battle 2:


Modern Gold.png
Gold League
Modern Format
54 Mana Cap
Available Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Death
Up to Eleven
All monsters have the Amplify ability.
Broken Arrows
Ranged attack Monsters may not be used in battles.

For this battle, the use of range monsters was banned while reflected damage were amplified, I use the summoner Kelya Frendul as my summoner as it increases the speed of all ally monsters and gives +1 armor, I used Runi and placed it at the 3<suprd position to be a target of Opportunity. During Round 2, Runi was defeated by the combined attack and Poison of Deeplurker then after using Rebirth, the Poison was also removed.


Image 1: Runi turns 0 health after being defeated by Deeplurker.


Image 2: Runi resurrects after using rebirth and the poison was also removed.


Battle 3:


Modern Gold.png
Gold League
Modern Format
54 Mana Cap
Available Elements: Fire, Death, Earth
Noxious Fumes
All Monsters start the battle Poisoned.
Weak Magic
Magic attacks hit Armor before reducing Health.

For this battle, magic attack needs to go through armor first and all monsters were poisoned at the start of the battle. I choose the summoner Thadious Broor of the death element as my summoner since it reduce the health of the opponent and has monsters with either Heal or Immunity but I also added Runi on the team since the Rebirth will cleanse the Poison. During the start of round 3, Runi got defeated due to poison and after that, got ressurected with Rebirth, the negative status effect were removed.


Image 1: Runi turns 0 health after being defeated by Poison.


Image 1: Runi revives using Rebith and Poison was removed.


Final Thoughts

Rebirth was currently exclusive on Runi as of this moment and I don't think that many of this will be created and only during exclusive cards but it's ability to self-resurrect was such an interesting ability and allows the cards have a second life and a chance to flip the result of the battle.



The battle links provided comes from my personal accounts and from the scholar account that I am using from Balthazar Guild.

All the image that I edited here belongs to Splinterlands.

Footer image made by splintercell-01

Card abilities from Splintercards

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