Our Last Two Seasons on Splinterlands


April 22nd was the last time I participated in the Social Media Challenge. Three days more, and it is almost a month.

I have been silent for the last two seasons, the 18th and the 19th. Despite my silence, I still play the game in the Silver III league. As for the other three Bronze accounts of my family, I seldom touch them except during the last few days of the season to meet the minimum requirements to cross Bronze I in the case of my second son’s account and Bronze II in the case of my wife’s and youngest son’s accounts.

Hopefully, the recent announcement about the change in rewards will somehow recover either the days when playing was really rewarding or will even bring better improvement than before.

In this post, I just want to share the rewards we received both from daily quests and the end of the last season, the leveling up of my youngest son’s account to Bronze I, the increase in my SPS collection, and the current status of my family’s accounts.

Rewards from Daily Quests and the End of the Season

During the 18th Season



During the 18th season, I only remember two significant rewards for my Silver III account in completing the Daily Quests. I received three rare cards and one common card.


The nature of the rewards is really random. Imagine that my youngest son’s account playing at Bronze II received a higher reward than my Silver III account. Venari Seedsmith is worth $1.89 and has 500 DEC power.

During the 19th Season




During the 19th season, I completed three daily quests that have significant incentives. I received one gold common, three rare cards, and two common cards with a total of 195 DEC.

EOS Rewards

As for the rewards during the end of the last season, both axiestrashgame and arlenec2021 received very minimum rewards due to a lack of activity throughout the season. My youngest son received two Alchemy Potions, two Legendary Potions, and 33 credits. As for my wife’s account, she received two Alchemy Potions, one legendary Potion, 22 credits, and one common card.



Compared to my EOS rewards, kopiko-blanca finishing the season at Bronze received better rewards than what I received. In my case, I added to my collection three Alchemy Potions, two Legendary Potions, 11 DEC, one rare card, and four common cards. My second son’s account collected one Legendary Potion, 23 credits, two common cards, one rare, and one level 3 gold common card with 125 collection power.



Bronze I at Last!

As I reviewed my past post, I observed that kopiko-blanca reached Bronze I during our 14th season. For axietrashgame, it took us five seasons for him to reach the same league.

In order to accomplish such a goal, I used my DEC to purchase five Djinn Chwalas and two Lava Launchers to give him a total of 700 DEC. And so now, he has a total of 5,025 collection power. Finally, he reached Bronze I!

Only my wife’s account is left at Bronze II. Perhaps, two more seasons and she too will be pulled up to the same league as my sons’ accounts.

My SPS Holdings

Last 2nd of May, my SPS holdings is 1,220. After 17 days, I was able to add 200 more. My immediate goal is 2,000, but I will try my best to reach 10,000 staked SPS by the end of the year.


Update of My Family’s Gaming Accounts

Account NameCard Value Last 17th SeasonCurrent Collection PowerCard value at the End of the 19th Season% Change

My collection power dropped by 4.09% from 17,350 to 16,640 due to the assistance I gave to level up the cards of kopiko-blanca and for axietrashgame to reach Bronze I.

As for my wife’s account, her collection power increased by 1.98%, but her card value dropped by 25.42% from $5.90 to $4.40.

Kopiko-blanca’s collection power increased by 4.86% from 5,759 to 6,030, but his card value declined by 25.60%.

Only axietrashgame’s account increased both in terms of collection power and card value. His collection power increased by 134.81% from 2,140 to 5,025. His card value appreciated by 42.33% from $8.22 to $11.70.


Though my expectation for my youngest son’s account has been delayed for three seasons, I am happy that finally, he reached Bronze I.

With the recent update in the rewards system, as I mentioned in my introduction, I am very positive that somehow this change will recover either the profitable days in the past or will even bring greater improvement than before. This change intends to motivate players to speed up upgrading their accounts. Though climbing from 15,000 to 100,000 collection power isn’t easy, I will make it my goal by the end of this year.

If reading this article got you curious about Splinterlands and its game economy, why not give it a try? Here's my code.

Grace and peace!

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