Use card rarity colors to improve the UI and UX for new Splinterlands players.

I recently witnessed the Splinterlands team's efforts to increase the number of new players in the Splinterlands world. Of course, a lot of work is required to make it happen. Aside from making it easy for them to play, you must also consider their experience while playing. As a result, good UI and UX must be considered so that they feel at ease and continue to play splinterlands.

Perhaps the Splinterlands team should consider this to make new players feel more at ease when learning the cards. Many series have been released since the beginning of steemmonster, ranging from Alpha to Soulbound. There are already 612 recorded cards. Of course, many cards have been issued, and the players must recognize them. Card designs are improving all the time. Furthermore, with the plan to release the Rebellion series, the number of cards will almost certainly increase.

The most important question is whether a new player can tell which card is the most valuable just by looking at it.

Of course, cards with legendary rarity are the most valuable. And the question is, Can new players recognize it simply by looking at the cards?

Consider the image below.

There are 16 cards visible. But, without using the sort button, how can you tell which cards are scarce? simply by looking at the card's design?

New players will struggle to identify which cards are common, rare, epic, and legendary if the rarity button is not enabled.

So, how about this image?

You can easily determine the rarity of a card by looking at the background color of the mana points.

Because the card contains all of the information in terms of design. We can read the required information by looking at the cards separately from the splinterlands system, except for information about the card's rarity.

Of course, providing information about card rarity will make it easier for new players or people unfamiliar with the world of splinterlands to determine which cards are valued based on their rarity.

So, here's the new design for the soulbound card that was released. Because this card is new, many people will be unable to tell the difference based on the rarity of the card if they only look at the image below.

Which one do you think is easier to recognize when juxtaposed with this image?

Of course, if the design has been given such information. As a result, new players will find it easier to determine the rarity of their cards without having to open the card sort menu based on scarcity. The experience of playing, as well as the ease of knowing cards simply by looking at the card designs, will be obtained.

Maybe that's one suggestion for making it easier for new players to learn about Splinterlands cards. Additionally, a new card series called Rebellion will be released.

Of course, if there is no breakthrough to make it easier to go through card design, splinterlands players will have to work harder to learn the new card.

Please leave your thoughts. Thanks for reading!

🍃 Much appreciated. Terima kasih banyak. 🍃

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