Splinterlands Art Contest // Week 173 // Grum Flameblade


I was inspired to draw the grum flameblade character design when it was introduced as a legendary airdrop card by @splinterlands. I began by attempting to sketch the Sai paint tool. I decided to learn this drawing software because, according to people's stories, it is very simple to use. As a result, I began learning it while drawing the grum flameblade.


However, during the drawing process, I am still having difficulty mastering all of the features of the sai paint tool. Mastering it takes time and effort. I'm also having difficulty drawing in the sai paint tool using only the mouse. I believe using a stylus pen/drawing pad will make it easier to draw. However, I do not have a stylus pen. Perhaps getting a stylus pen will be my next priority. As a result, I decided to finish the half-finished drawing with CoreldrawX7.

grump corel.png

Here's the process in gif form after drawing and coloring the grum flameblade characters.

The most difficult element is contouring the face. Especially to maintain the character's terrifying appearance. I drew it in the shape of a cross between humans and orcs.


I added the background of the flames after I finished the stage of giving details to the image. And this is the result.


This is after the addition of the splinterlands logo.

glump fire update logo final.png

I hope you enjoy it and appreciate it by upvoting and reblogging it. Thank you very much.

Bar Fire.png

But wait a second. Because I created the character designs, this is purely for fun only. I'm attempting to turn it into a card with the abilities I desire. As a result, I'm free to include abilities in the cards I create.

You can also make cards according to your wishes by using tools from the @dark-hamburger. Please go to https://splinterlandscardmaker.com/ and play around with making your card. Oh, don't tell anyone. You can get free DEC by clicking on the crystal at the bottom of the website.

dark hamburger.png

So, the card design that I created will be featured in a future post.
What are your thoughts on the grum flameblade I created? Will he be unbeatable? 😁
See you in the next post....

🍃 Much appreciated. Terima kasih banyak. Muchas gracias. 🍃

Dot Chaos 1.png

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