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How are you, masters of the Splinterlands? In this article, I return to discuss one of the rules in the splinterlands battle. that is, Close Range.

The challenge for this week is Close Range. But first, why are we examining the close-range rule? because this rule is extremely beneficial to owners and collectors of archer-type monsters. Because the archer monster has the advantage of being able to perform melee attacks with this rule.


Ranged attacks may be used in the first position in battles.

If you are a new Splinterlands player and see a logo like the one above, it means your fight will have an additional rule, namely close range. As a result, archer-type monsters will be able to be placed in the front position to attack the opponent. This is advantageous because, in addition to long-range attacks, archer monsters can also perform melee attacks.

This close range rule must take several factors into account.

  1. As archer monsters' abilities improve, players will prioritize their use of archer monsters. Use monsters with a lot of health and shields.
  2. Many archer-type monsters deal a High of damage, but they can't move when they get to the front lines. However, under this rule, the front position can also attack.
  3. It is critical to use a summoner that reduces archer damage. It will assist you in winning the fight.
  4. Keep an eye out for monsters with the ability to return fire, such as the Centauri Mage. because archer monsters that attack it will take damage.

If there are rulesets other than CLOSE RANGE, you must focus so that these rules complement the CLOSE RANGE rules to win.

Let's take a look at how it was used in the following battles:


This is a battle with CLOSE RANGE, NOXIOUS FUMES, and COUNTERSPELL ruleset. I decided to use a fire summoner with a mana of 47 and a choice of elements that is almost complete except for the death element.

The Noxious Fumes rules have an impact on the overall course of the battle. As a result, using monsters with the archer type must be chosen. Because using monsters with magical attacks is counterproductive due to counterspell rules.

The Forgotten One's Immunity ability and The Scavo Chemist's Cleanse ability both play a role in the battle's outcome. As a result, an additional strategy is required to win this battle and allow Grum Flameblade to survive after the poison's effects are removed. Both players must decide whether to use archer-type monsters. It's just that I prefer to sacrifice archer-type monsters.

The battle can be followed using the link below:




CLOSE RANGE, FEROCITY, and MELEE MAYHEM are the rules that apply in this second fight. However, the applicable mana is 12 points. With such small mana points, this forces the player to consider the entire battle rules and choose the right monster. whether to use archer monsters or melee monsters first.

The enemy appears to have chosen to maximize their archer monsters by deploying GOBLIN FIREBALLERS with summoner support with the BLAST ability. This is a challenge for me because I will be using monsters with high evasion and poison abilities to defeat the enemy.

So, the outcome of the battle can be found at the following link:



Will my strategy be effective in that battle?
The CLOSE RANGE rule allows archer-type monsters to carry out melee attacks, as demonstrated by the two battles presented above. However, keep in mind that battle rules do not stand alone. Other rules affect it, so other types of monsters can still be used. As a result, to win, CLOSE RANGE must be combined with the rules that support it.

If you choose to use an archer monster in the CLOSE RANGE rule, you should try to choose a summoner that supports archer abilities. Choose an archer monster with a high Health Point total and a shield as well. When using archer monsters, be cautious if the opposing summoner can grant the skill return Fire.

Aside from that, don't prioritize archer monsters when there's still a chance to use melee and magic monsters when there's a CLOSE RANGE rule because the best combination of your monsters still affects the battle's outcome. Continue to use the best formation possible while paying attention to other rules that support the CLOSE RANGE rule.


As a result, this is my post about the CLOSE RANGE ruleset. The combination of this ruleset and other additional rules in the battle will make predicting the outcome of the fight difficult. Continue to fight hard to get the most out of this ruleset.

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