Drawing the Goblin Sorcerer Splinterlands Emote


How are you all? I wish you always happiness.
In this post, I'm challenged to participate in a Splinterlands event. This is the second week of the emote challenge with a Splinterlands theme. If you want to follow it, go to this link and look at the post.

Participants are welcome to be imaginative about monsters in the alpha/beta edition of the contest in week 2 to participate in the challenge. The Alpha/Beta edition was Splinterlands' first card series. I'm attempting to create an emote for the Goblin sorcerer's character.



Let's get started on the drawing. I use the Corel Draw X7 software to assist me.

I started drawing goblin sorcerer facial patterns. Create a face circle that is distinct from the character on the card.


Even though it isn't perfect, the basic pattern is produced. However, I've begun to color.


Details such as the eyes, tongue, and teeth are added. In addition, I made some changes to the line's shape.


After a few hours, the goblin sorcerer's emoted image was formed. I followed the sample image from card in every detail, however, the impression I created was different from the original.


At this point, I'd like to make an animated emote that focuses on the red heart icon. Later, I'll use ezgif.com to do the animation.


Oh, I did make some improvements. Particularly on the nose which did not appear to match the rounded shape of the face previously.


It's time to use ezgif.com to complete the animation process. The procedure is the same as in my prior post. Can be found on this link.



And this is the outcome.


I created this with 112 x 112 pixels.

👉 ezgif_4_63a679a32c.gif 👈

16 x 16 pixels is the final result.

👉 ezgif_4_cfec59ee38.gif 👈

That's the emote I made; hopefully it'll be useful.

See you in the next post....

🍃 Much appreciated. Terima kasih banyak. Muchas gracias. 🍃

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