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You can use a starter card in battles if you're a new player to the splinterlands universe. Of course, if you are familiar with all the battle systems, you want to start with your own card so you can start earning right away. There is a decision to be made. However, many people are unsure of which cards to gather and play in combat.

Of course, having a card that can be used in multiple battles is very convenient. Each fight has its own set of rules and procedures. Legendary cards aren't always very useful if the battle rules don't allow them. Ordinary cards, on the other hand, can be fantastic if you're in a battle where the rules are based on that card's abilities.

In this article, I will recommend cards that are useful for beginners. This card's potential can be maximized with a level 1 summoner. The card is: Forgotten one . The chaos series' fire element card.

If you already have one, you're in luck. If you don't have it yet, it must be in the order of cards you must have.

Forgotten one is an epic card with the initial ability of immunity. At the level 1, only few monsters have immunity skill. Skill immunity is also available in Almo Cambio and Kralus; however, the cost is prohibitively expensive for inexperienced players. Because both cards are legendary.

However, if you already have it at level 1, you can survive the battle using the poison rules. Another advantage of this card is that it has a sufficient attack power and shield. When combined with the enrage rules, the attack power increases even more.

If you level it up to level 3 by combining 10 cards, it will gain retaliate skill. You can maximize this ability by placing a forgotten one at the back of your combat formation. If someone attacks this monster, even if the forgotten one is not in the front row, this monster can strike back. By combining 32 cards at level 5, you will gain another skill, piercing. With a large attack, the opponent's shield defense will be overwhelmed.

The card is currently priced at $1.89. And with just one card, you can use it in a variety of battles, whether low or high mana.

You will encounter a poison rule during the fight. Of course, by using the forgotten one card, the poison effect will be unable to reduce this card's health points.

Also, if there is a fight with the rules of enraging, use a melee card with high attack and health points. Because the card stat increases when hit by the opponent's attack, it increases the chances of winning.

That is the strategy I used in this fight. By using the attack power and additional enrage rules

This time, the fight was a small mana fight. The water and fire elements are the only ones that can be used. Of course, with these two options, the number of personnel available for deployment to the battlefield is extremely limited.

I chose to use the fire element to lower troops. Enrage & no shield are additional rules that will harm summoner Keyla Frendul. So I decided to send only one monster, but it had to have a powerful attack and a lot of health points. Because I intend to maximize the enrage rule. When my monster is attacked, it gains speed and attack power.

Because there is no shield in this battle, the forgotten one gets an attack in the first round. However, that attack elicited all of the forgotten one's strength and speed. Consider a single attack that deals 8 points of damage. Then each attack directly kills the enemy. You can watch the fight by clicking on the link below.


In this fight, I was fortunate to be wearing the forgotten one. Most players in small mana battles use monsters with small mana and more than one in number. I then decided to only fight with one monster. But capable of finishing with a single attack

The summoner's appropriate favor also aided this victory. This is due to the summoner's addition of 1 point attack and one health point. As a result, the forgotten one becomes a tank as well as a ruthless attacker.

In the preceding fight, I took advantage of the additional rules. Of course, in a normal battle, the forgotten one will struggle to deal with the number of monsters with an additional bonus shield. As a result, it is also necessary to pay attention to the fighting situation under additional rules.

With the addition of poison rules, the forgotten one can be your savior in battle. With an initial level that has obtained skill immunity, it is possible to avoid the effects of poison, which consumes two health points per round. But remember to put the forgotten one in the back while you wait for all of the opposing monsters to be poisoned.

You've reached the end of my article on weekly challenges. Thank you for sticking with me this far. I hope what I share is useful to you when decide want to buy NFT cards in Splinterlands.

🍃 Much appreciated. Terima kasih banyak. Muchas gracias. 🍃

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