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There is usually something fascinating to look at in splinterlands brawl fights. By dealing with tough opponents and studying the tactics that our adversaries used, we will gain experience. Winning and losing will help us grow as individuals. Additionally, we can work together in the guild with other players to win. And that is what I gain from every brawl within the CLANFT guild.

I faced nine opponents in this brawl opportunity at the level 2 Novice League caps. I engaged in some captivating battles, and each one brought with it a unique set of strategies for combat. Please pay attention, because you may face similar warfare situations in the future and already know how to respond.

A conflict between creatures with the Sneak ability and those with the Snipe ability

Aim True, Up to Eleven, Fire & Regret24Life, Fire


There aren't many options in battles with 24-point mana to send lots of monsters. Orella Abadon is the chosen gladius card to complete Grum's lineup. Captain Katie was the first to gain +1 status in this battle by eliminating Xenith Archer. But by getting rid of Captain Katie, Orella Abadon was able to catch up and turn the situation around. The victory in my arena was also made possible by the consistency of Grum Flameblade and Radiated Brute's attacks.

The conflict between Quora Towershead and the shield buster

Close Range, Taking Sides, Weak Magic99Earth, Water


There is a chance to send any monsters to the battle with 99 mana points. With that freedom, Immortalis became my preferred option. The presence of Queen Mycelia is not ideal because she can destroy the shield. It's worth watching the two teams' Quora Towerhead confrontation. which is also supported by the healing prowess of Goblin Psychic. Who has triumphed?

Combat Speed Attack. Whoever is the fastest wins.

Lost Magic, Aim True, Ferocity52Earth, Life, Death, Dragon


High-speed monsters benefit from the additional rule of aim true. Consequently, it is a race against time. It turns out that both teams selected the element of death from the available choices for elements. Liza Fox demonstrated her skill against the Gladius Monster that was present in the battle. The Disintegrator's presence also had a big impact on how Lost magic worked. Lira The Darkis leading the Aim True rules at the moment.

Those who can move quickly will win.

Lost Magic, Aim True, What Does Not Kill You, Equal Opportunity99Life, Death


I got to choose the death element in a huge mana battle. I choose to send melee-attacking monsters using the Opportunity and Aim True abilities. Protected from magical assaults with summoner Thaddius Brood. By defeating rivals, Trapp Falloway was able to get an early advantage. In addition, the disintegrators from both sides slowed the pace of the conflict. Trapp Falloway, however, is currently in control of the battle's progress.

The shield will protect you from the thorns' attack. However, using magical attacks is preferable.

Ferocity, Super Sneak, Briar Patch99Life, Earth, Water , Dragon


The massive Mana battle occurred once more. I'm using immortalis as my summoner once more. Mycelic Slipspawn's placement is very important in super sneak rules. As a result, you should pay attention to the position of Mycelic Slipspawn. Furthermore, the thorn effect will kill monsters who do not follow the Briar Patch rule. In addition, the Shield can help you win the battle. If you can destroy the enemy shield, you will have an easy victory.

The monster's raw power will be enough to win the battle.

Silenced Summoner, Rise Of the commons, Aimless34Fire, Water, Life, Earth


Isgald Vorst faced Katrelba Gobson in this fight. These two gladius monsters couldn't make it to the end of the battle. But that doesn't mean the battle will be easy. Because the monster's ability alone will win the battle here. Summoners will not provide any additional ability benefits. According to the outcome of the battle, monsters with high health and shields will triumph under the rules of the silenced summoner.

Combat without the use of melee attacks.

Keep your Distance, Ferocity, Heavy Hitters29Fire, Death, Life, Dragon


Whistling Damon became a gladius card that I descended from the element of death in this battle. The enemy appears to have chosen to use ranged abilities with the summoner General sloan. The speed was on my side, but the Time Mage's presence disrupted my attack rhythm. So, who is the victor in this fight? Please follow the link below to see the outcome of the battle between magical heroes and archers.

The same number of health points does not always result in the same victory.

Aimless, Equalizer, Magic Reflect27Fire, Water, Death, Earth, Dragon


I want to use the Equalizer rule to my advantage by maximizing monsters with low health but high attack points. The magic reflects rule compels me to pick the fire element. And when the enemy uses the Grum Flameblade monster, all of the monster's health points increase in size. Orella Abadon and spirit hoarder can be my rock in this battle. In the final round, Grum Flmeblade faced off against Orella Abadon. Grum Flameblade, however, was unable to hold on due to being outnumbered at the end of this round of battle.

A lethal magical reflection

Counterspell, Wands Out99Water, Death, Life, Earth, Dragon


In this fight, a quandary arises. Because you must use monsters with magical attacks, but using magic attacks will be reflected in the source of the attack. To win this battle, the strategy was to use the magic shield ability to block the reflected attack. And summoner Immortalis can grant you that ability. This battle was fought using a combination of magical rebound attacks and healing powers.

OMG, Going through 9 brawl battles this time is exhausting. But this is the result of the brawl battle I witnessed. The result did not disappoint me.

With this victory, I moved into first place in point contribution. This is my best performance in a brawl battle. Hopefully, in the future, I can improve on this result and stay in the top three for points for our guild.

And the final result is that the guild ranks fifth out of all guilds that participated in the brawl this time. The guilds in this brawl are tough, with the highest achievement being 240 points. However, this does not imply failure for us because this experience can be used to improve in the future.

That was the outcome of my most recent brawl. I'm hoping we can prevail in the upcoming brawl and increase our target to take first place in the upcoming brawl competition.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this post and keep up with my struggle. I wish you luck in your upcoming brawl as well.

🍃 Much appreciated. Terima kasih banyak. Muchas gracias. 🍃

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