Day 2 - Goals Being Hit

It is without a doubt easy to maintain focus and reach daily goals that you set for yourself in the few days immediately following the creation of the plan.

That is the case with me right now as I have made it a goal to earn at least 1000 DEC per day battling on Splinterlands.

I have now added to my goals some long-term moves in order to have something to focus this effort onto. I would like to reach 100k power in my owned collection. I am only sitting around 22k right now, so there is a lot of room to grow, though I will be trying to move some assets in and purchase cards in the market. Despite this, I hope that a majority of the growth can come "organically" through battling and earning rewards. I want to accomplish this rapidly, but will give myself the course of 1.5 months to do it! Let's get it done folks.

I was able to use some Paypal rewards that I had accumulated to buy this bad boy:


I really love the rental market concept because it gives smaller accounts like mine the chance to compete and earn more DEC for our time as a result. This is a beautiful game with a huge community that can only go up from here. I am excited to stack some DEC and add some cards, any tips you have would be much appreciated!

I should also note that I do not battle with this account, but rather have a separate account for my Splinterlands stuff - @rob23hive ! I am going to try to reach these goals, I hope to update you all along the way and make some new friends in this community!

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