Guild Brawls With Pizza 2 - Best Brawl Performance Featuring Trapp Falloway!

Time flies! Just completed the 10th brawl with my awesome guild, which is none other than Pizza 2 The Deep Dish!

  • Fun In The Discord Chats

Really appreciated the interaction in the Discord chats within the Pizza guilds. During the preparation phase, there's a lot of information sharing and discussion on who to fill each fray. During the brawls, there were reminders to members to complete their brawl battles. And after the brawls, there were celebratory messages and some members (including me) would write about our experience in the brawls. Aside from brawls, I thought the donations were also very well organised and tabulated, with lucky draws to incentivise donors as well.

  • Staying In Bronze Fray

For this brawl, I decided to stick to what I fought in the last fray, which was Fray 6, which was 3/2/2/1. Kept to the same strategy, i.e. hoping to free up the Novice fray for someone who could do better after my dismal performance in those frays. Also hoping that I would have not too many battles in this fray so that my losses could be kept to a minimum. Surprisingly, when I was submitting my teams for this brawl, I had a good feeling about my choices and it turned out that my gut feeling was right!

  • We Got 4th!

So for the final result, we finished 4th out of 10 guilds and got 554 Merits, slightly below our usual podium placing, but that's alright.


Individually, I had 7 fights this time and I managed 5 wins, finishing 3rd within the guild. Definitely my best brawl performance in Pizza 2 guild so far! Hopefully I can build on this performance and improve further.


Let's jump into the battles!

Battle 1 - WIN

Gladius Card Used: Trapp Falloway

This Little League was a huge battle as both sides put out Death lineups and I was facing a Level 2 self-healing Xenith Monk on the opposing end. Thaddius Brood/Undead Priest/Trapp Falloway combined to send -3 HP across all my opponent cards, and Xenith Monk became an easy clear for Trapp Falloway. Surprisingly, their backline didn't give way easily as the opposing Gladius card was chalking up Bloodlust with one snipe after another. Fortunately, the sniping shots came to an end when it became the first card. Huge huge win from my team of Level 1 cards.

MVP: Trapp Falloway


Battle 2 - WIN

Gladius Card Used: Edith Emberstar

Another big win in this Close Range battle against 3 Legendary cards. Used the battle modifier to my full advantage and employed 3 strong Ranged cards. Had a strong damage output overall and edged out my opponent in this one. Axemaster had to be the MVP in this one.

MVP: Axemaster


Battle 3 - WIN

Gladius Card Used: None

Both teams put up the same summoner and the same tank, which was not surprising actually. With the limited elements and battle modifiers, Djinn Chwala was definitely the top pick for the tank. However, Carnage Titan made the difference with his double attacks and damage output.

MVP: Carnage Titan


Battle 4 - WIN

Gladius Card Used: Isgard Vorst

To be honest, I was slightly shocked when I saw the opposing lineup. It was a very weak lineup despite maximising the 19 mana limit and they had no answers to my hard hitting backline. Easy win for me here and sorry to my opponent for the straightforward win.

MVP: None


Battle 5 - WIN

Gladius Card Used: None

I didn't have suitable Gladius cards this round, but it was an interesting match up between Water and Earth. Both sides were hard hitting but Djinn Oshannus' Void ability stopped their offensive power massively and even a Level 3 Goblin Psychic couldn't escape the clutches of my Opportunity cards.

MVP: Djinn Oshannus


Battle 6 - LOSE

Gladius Card Used: Orella Abadon

It was amazing both sides could pack so many cards into a 13 mana fight. Queen Mycelia thwarted the attacks from Orella Abadon and the opposing Gladius card was able to activate Bloodlust and turned into an unbeatable monster after a few rounds.

MVP: None


Battle 7 - LOSE

Gladius Card Used: Whistling Damon

Both sides anticipated each other's lineups and effectively nerfed the Ranged attacks. In the end, the opposing Gladius Card got the Bloodlust going ahead of mine and it was uphill climb from there on against the Level 2 cards.

MVP: None


So that sums up my 7 battles for this brawl!

Review Of Gladius Cards

Since I am able to use Gladius cards now, I thought I should review selected cards that helped me win in the brawls. This week's feature is none other than Trapp Falloway! Of course, please let me know if you have any tips in using these cards too as I am keen to learn and improve too!



At first glance, this looks like an overpowered card because it is quite unlikely to see 4 mana card with 4 melee damage. However, it would be a nightmare when he is facing Cursed Windeku. Thorns and a hit from Cursed Windeku will send the card out and the precious Gladius card will go out without Bloodlust.

As such, I will only use it in Little League fights where he is safe from Cursed Windeku. The Weaken ability is very powerful because when paired with Thaddius Brood and Undead Priest, it's -3 HP across the board, which means any tank will fall unless it has more than 7 HP or Shield ability. That's quite a massive advantage right from the first round of battle.

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Brawl Reports Of Pizza 2 Guild

If you are interested to follow the guild brawls of our guild, feel free to check out some of the brawl reports from our guild members and others within the PIZZA guild too!

That's all I have! Let me know if you have any thoughts too!

As always, thanks for reading and have a pleasant day ahead!

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