Ramadhanight's Special Giveaway #79 | Win Beta Series Card !

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Hello everyone, welcome back to Ramadhanight Hive Blog. Now I'm back to continue my special giveaways that will giving away splinterlands cards in a fresh format and rewards. Let's check it out !


Fresh Format and Reward

Now you can win Splinterlands Card for each edition, because i will give away those cards sequentially. The order of the rewards are shown on below's picture:


Now for the 79th edition, as the circle above, we move back to the Beta series card again as the rewards! Let's goo~



I know i have been troubling you (and myself too 馃槀) with my old giveaway that is on video and required some times to get it done, now let's make it simpler, here is the rules for new giveaway :

#1. You just need to comment that you are join the giveaway 馃挰;
#2. The deadline is at the time i want to create next same series giveaway, at least at the post payout 馃枑 (but sometimes it longer, just try if you want to test your luck 馃ぃ );
#3. Reputation at least 30, and bot are excluded 馃樅;
#4. Upvotes and tips are not required, but highly appreciated 馃槉;
#5. Following me will grant 1 additional entry 馃槑;
#6. Winners will picked with hivetools馃 , if the site won't work, I will use other site;
#7. That's all 馃憣.


#71 Edition Winner

Now time for winner announcement, as i've mentioned, i would use the hivetools to pick the winner, but since it's not working, I use filoz picker (that follower addition entry not working as well, sorry guys), and for this edition winner, we got @outwars as the winner, Congratulations ! Your reward has been sent.



Don't be sad if you are not win this giveaway, because i bring new giveaway for same edition !


This Edition Rewards

Now for this edition, i present you Haunted Spider !



Let's join the giveaway ~

Now let's start this giveaway, and don't forget to put comment if you want to participate. I might tag you on my next giveaway, if you don't want it, please kindly say that you don't want to get tagged 馃槈

Previous edition participants tag :
@akiraymd @alexis666 @alfrin @anif1908 @arc-echo @arveno @atom89 @bitandi @bulkathos @caimanx @circlebubble @crazyphantombr @daethical @dagger88 @danideuder @dewabrata @diochen @dtam @ebastion @emeraldtiger @esbat @felipejoys @ginto @gregory-f @guurry123 @harharhar @henruc @ianballantine @janacuddles @jeffjagoe @kahyazhe @kraki @ladymisa @lordshah @maurye23 @micay @middle-earthling @monsterbuster @nietokilll @oadissin @olaf.gui @outwars @oskarl21 @phanty @pirulito.zoado @pulubengdugs @rtonline @seeweed @sepa777 @sheikh27 @smallcircle @sparkyontherum @supriya.gupta @tinyputerboy @toohi74 @treefrognada @waynechuasy @wilhb81 @zactian


Final Words

Thank you for kindly read my post, I hope you guys would love this giveaway and join it.
See you on my next blog ~

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Hive for the very useful blog and community platform as well the cool icon that i use for the cover
Splinterlands for the cool game
Mrs. carrieallen for the very useful ULTIMATE Markdown Tutorial
@Arcange to keep support my post
All readers for stopping by
All curators for the upvotes
Canva for the free photoshop and all free feature

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