My New Way on Splinterlands | Socmed Weekly Challenge (And a battle as bonus)

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Hello guys, welcome back to Ramadhanight's Hive Blog on Splinterlands Weekly Socmed Challenge's Session. After managed to finished on Champions League and havign rough time on my real life, i decide to take some bold action. Without any further, let's start the session !


My Old Ways of Renting Cards

Before we talk about my new way, i want to share my old strategy on this awesome game. I used to rent for play, for people with less money to invest like me, this way give us chance to play on high league such as diamond or champions league with less money to invest. The return is depend on how much our rent comes and the outcomes. There is many ways to get outcome from this game:
1. SPS reward from ranked battle. This is the most calculable income, but it's likely unable to cover the rent cost
2. Daily and season chest. The rewards is depend on your luck, sometimes you got gold cards, and sometimes is just gold potion.
3. Tournament rewards. You need high skill and free times to get rewards this way, but there is many interesting reward if you're able to compete.
4. Leaderboards rewards. Another way that need dedication to reach. You need a compete deck, free times, and right timing. Mostly it will be on EoS in order to get more points because players rating are getting higher everyday. The rewards is awesome and could cover the rent cost if you reach certain position
I personally think that renting could earn you enough rewards IF you have enough time for get the rewards for all those possibilities. The 1st and 2nd points have big correlation. You will get rshare points for playing ranked battle, so you will get sps rewards along with the chest. But first 2 points might get you a little rewards so you need to chase the 3rd and 4th points. Enter as many tourney as you could and chasing the leaderboards to get nice DEC rewards. If you could get rewards from all those points, i'm very sure there is no problem with rentig cost. But again, you need much time for play, and this is what i don't have right now.


My Last Season Result

The daily chest is depend on your curent rating and power before starting the quest, while season chest is depend on your last season highest league. This mean you could get highest season chest tier than you daily and vice versa. It's important to set the right strategy for getting maxed outcome.

On my case, i risked my reward for finishing on Diamond League Leaderboard on my 2nd last season in order to promoting to champions league. I do this in order to gain benefit for starting on Gold 1 last season so i could farm on Diamond League earlier and getting the champions league season chest. Eventough i just play on diamond league, i could've still got many champions league season chest IF i play enough game, but the fact is i don't have enough time for playing last season due to high intensity on my work and health issue on my family. I only managed to play like 3 days last season. This makes my strategy falling apart and cause my invest on last 2 season is not payed back. I only get 10 champions league season chest and some diamond league daily chest which contains little rewards.


My Next Plan

I already taste the champions league so my curiousity about that league is relieved. Now i have to face the truth that my game time is so limited, but i won't quit from this game, so i decide to play with lower intensity. Just regularly play to spent my ECR and hoping nice rewards comes to me. To begin with, i bought lv 3 Wizard of Eastwood for my main summoner. The reason is because i found stealth earth element is having low rent cost as well the golem for the tank. Earth element also have some affordable healer. The price for Wizard of Eastwood is pretty low as well, lower than most CL summoner (except for the general sloan).


I also have some summoner from my unpack CL packs (There is a giveaway as well, check it out on my profile !), but with new penalty on lower league cards, the rare summoners is not ready yet to played, so i have to find another way and decide to rent some cheap cards. I chose the death element to rent for my 2nd element and Dragon as my 3rd Element. I also still have GM Rathe that still playable because his lv cap is not getting reduction rewards on silver league. But because i want to play with lower intensity, i won't rent too much. This rent activity cost me just 24.615 DEC/ day . I'm sure this would covered by the daily and season chest rewards on silver league, and I still have some cards which get me DEC by renting it. This way, i could play with less stress about the rent like i did with my old ways. I also have a plan to upgrade my deck with the rewards i got from the game and from hive blog as well, and wish for nice cards from my unpacking for the giveaway as well.



(Bonus) A battle replay

It's not complete for sharing about Splinterlands without any battle of it. So i would like to share my Battle with my new earth squad. I hope you enjoy it

I tried to combined Golem as the tank with 2 opportunity monster along with healer as support and sneak magic as well. I also put 2 mana cost range monster as backline tanker. Opportunity monster for killing enemies main hitter is playing big roles here. The heal from the tank with support from backline gave me the victory. (15).gif (16).gif

Victory !


Final Words

Thank you for kindly read my post, i hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you got another view.

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