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It's another edition of the battle mage secrets. Presenting in the spotlight for this week's theme is the ruleset Even Stevens. In the progression of this post I will be giving you my opinion of this particular ruleset and discussing some basic strategies that can lead to a successful battle. Before then, I welcome you the join the battle mage secrets if you find it intriguing. To do that, simply locate the battle mage secrets post for this week's edition and educate yourself with the guidelines for successful participation. For easy navigation, click the link provided here to get to the post. Moving forward, let's discuss some basic things about this ruleset.

Ruleset_Even Stevens

The ruleset Even Stevens simply implies that only monsters with even mana are allowed in the battle. This particularly leads to more difficulty in team selection or should I say, it requires more carefulness in selecting teams. However, rulesets are not one-sided and since the two players have to face it, that makes it a square game. Choosing a team when faced with this ruleset can be influenced by the elements made available for the battle. In the case of the battle presented for this week, only two elements were made available leaving both teams with a more precise choice.

Even Stevens Possible Strategies

When it comes to this kind of ruleset, I believe there's not much to be done other than selecting a strong team capable of providing victory. To focus more on the strategy for the game presented here, one will first discover that the given ruleset was accompanied by another. This other ruleset which is melee mayhem also contributed to the strategy decision-making.

There's always a question that should pop into any player's head when a ruleset is given and that is; what will my opponent do? Seeing the ruleset and the elements available, I thought to myself that the opponent will likely go for the fire elements because it is believed that melee mayhem favors melee monsters and the fire element has a lot of such monsters with a summoner that can enhance their damage. However, I choose to counter this by going for the death element and ensuring I use anti-melee monsters. The fact that melee Mayhem accompanied this ruleset doesn't necessarily mean that melee is the best choice for the battle, but most times It's all about the available element and where you consider yourself most advantageous.

I choose to base the strategy of this fight on anti-melee using the demoralized ability as the major weapon. From the replay of the battle below, one can observe that using an anti-melee summoner and a monster with a demoralizing ability ensured the success of the team. However, the team selection is discussed intensively below.

The Battle

Battle Details
Given RulesetEven Steven: Only Monsters with even mana cost may be used in battle. Melee Mayhem: Melee attack monsters can attack from any position
Mana Cap22
Available ElementsFire & Death
Battling ElementsDeath Vs Fire

Watch Battle Here

Team Selection

RARE Death Summoner
Stat: -1 Melee Damage✔️

The most thing about selecting this summoner has been mentioned before but for clarity's sake, the answer to what my opponent will do led to the deployment of this card. I thought to myself that the opponent might prefer melee given the rulesets and elements. In that regard, my best defense was to counter it in every possible way. Zintar Mortalis disadvantaged the opponent's melee monsters by taking off one damage from them


Still on the anti-melee case, a defender with another kind of anti-melee ability was deployed. Harklaw, a monster with shield ability being used means that melee and ranged damage will be reduced when the hits it. In other words, melee and ranged monsters with just one damage will have no effect on it.


The mayhem went against the melees when another monster with demoralizing ability was deployed. This monster further reduced the melee damage of the enemy's monster bringing them to a state where they were almost useless. Octopider did not only demoralize the opponent's melee monster, but it also did destroy them with three ranged damage.


Wily inclusion in the battle came as a result of two mana remaining and being a monster with two armor protection, it can last much longer on the battlefield. Also, the melee mayhem ruleset did enable to attack from that position. It did so well at preventing the already afflicted melee monsters from destroying the team from behind.

That will be all for this week. Please join me next week for another battle mage secrets challenge same place. Leave a comment on how the strategy can be better or any other of your choice.

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