Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! Trying new Card -SCAVO TECHNOMANCER

Hello guys, this is my entry to the "Splinterlands Social Media Challenge!". If you want to participate and/or read more about the challenge, click here.

We are in the middle of the season and I am testing another card which I have never used before. SCAVO TECHNOMANCER is a rare neutral unit that deals with magic attacks. Apart from the stats I love the artwork on this card. Kudos to whoever created this.

Let's see how I used this card in my battle, but first, let's discuss its stats in detail.

Scavo Technomancer


Scavo Technomancer is a rare mage that came out in the recent Riftwatchers series. It comes with blast ability that deals damage to adjacent cards as well. This makes it a great offensive asset in any composition.

Although it has just 4 health and 1 speed but still it can justify its cost with its attacking potential. I had to make sure that I protect it nicely for a few rounds.

Let's focus on my lineup now.

My Lineup

This is my lineup for the battle

Keyla Frendul
+1 speed +1 shield
Position 1
Water Caller
Position 2
Venari Wavesmith
Position 3
Scavo Technomancer
Position 4
Ice Pixie

This was a standard battle with no modifications to the ruleset. It was a 21-mana cap battle and I had to use my mana efficiently for this. I chose the Keyla Frendul as my summoner that gives +1 armour and +1 speed to all the friendly monsters.

In the first position, I chose the Water Caller, it gave all my
Also, it has impressive attacking strength, doing 2 magic damages with great speed.

In the first position, I used Water Caller, which comes with a stun ability that has a chance to freeze any monster from attacking in that round. It is very good against heavy-hitting monsters and tanks as it can freeze their heavy attacks and mess with their attacks completely. I did not want to use a dedicated tank in this battle as I had only 21 mana to work with.

In the next position, I used the Venari Wavesmith, one of my favourite water units that deal magic damage. The most important reason to use this is for its protect ability that gives all my monsters extra 2 shields. Combined with my Summoner all my monsters had at least three shields to start with.

Next came the Scavo Technomancer, another mage with not-so-great health but I had already put measures to protect them with an extra shield so I did not worry about their health. It comes with a powerful blast ability that deals damage to the adjacent monsters as well. If this gets going, it can easily change the fate of the game on its own.

Last but not least comes the **Ice Pixie, yet another mage that deals 1 magic attack but has better speed. It costs only 2 mana and has just 1 health. As you will see in the battle, its flying ability helps it to dodge many attacks.

As you can see I focused on the mages only.

Now my lineup was all set and it was time for battle.

I will share my battle here, which I have uploaded to YouTube.

My Strategy

As this was a 21 mana battle and I did not want to spend much on a heavy tank, I went for mages with relatively lower health but protected them by giving extra armour through my summoner and Venari Wavesmith. That is how I get extra 3 shields to all my monsters.

I buffed my defences and used magic attacks that increased my attacking strength as well.

If I had spent more mana on a dedicated tank, it would have been difficult to make the lineup more attacking.

Round 1

My opponent also used the Keyla Frendul but I had mages on my side, so their extra armour was worthless. They used an interesting strategy of using Kelp Initiate, a low costing tank and supplemented it with a tank heal ability. Eliminating this tank would be difficult, I thought.

Round 1 was back and forth, while my units were trying to defeat their tank, it got recharged back again. Attacks on Ice Pixie kept missing in this round and I had an advance after this round because of that only.

Round 2 & 3

Another heavy attack on my Ice Pixe got missed at the start of round 2. My Scavo Technomancer's blast was now hurting their deeplurker as well. Both teams were still standing well after the end of this round.

Finally, in round 3, we saw their tank get eliminated. It was a major win for me as attacks on Ice Pixie were not connecting.

Round 4 & 5

Yet another miss on my Ice Pixie, it was almost invincible now. Standing for 4 rounds miss after miss, wow! Finally, someone succeeded to hit and breaking the shield completely but now it was too late.

Their deeplurker was dead as well. It poses no threats to my team as the stun ability from Water Call made it freeze its attack. After that, it went all downhill for my opponent and I registered an easy win at the end.

Weird, the cheapest card on my lineup is the MVP for this battle.


Scavo Technomancer is a useful card, its blast ability makes it a powerful weapon of destruction. If you manage to protect it for long enough you will surely win the match with that. The only thing that disappointed me was its low speed, unlike most mages it only has 1 speed. It has to be taken into consideration before using the card.

Let me know what are your thoughts about this card. Do you have any strategy that you implement against magic attacks?

Thanks for reading...

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