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This is my entry to the "Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge!". If you want to know more about the challenge and maybe participate, click here. You can participate even if you don't have theme card.


Rarity: COMMON
Element: NEUTRAL
Attack: MELEE
Abilities: Demoralize

I will share my battle here, which I have uploaded to 3speak.

My Lineup and Strategy

This is my lineup for the battle

SummonerMylor CrowlingThorns
Position 1Unicorn MustangVoid
Position 2DisnintegratorDemoralize
Position 3Mycelic SlipspawnTaunt
Position 4Regal PerytonFlying
Position 5Goblin PsychicTank Heal
Position 6Goblin TowerBlast

This was a 99 mana cost battle, I used Mylor Crawling as my summoner that gave thorns ability to every monster in my lineup. And it was a standard game with no modifications to the ruleset.


I used Unicorn Mustang in the first place as my tank. It is a perfect tank that reflects magic attacks and has good speed and attacking abilities. Combined with the summoner's thorns ability it was invincible in the battle.

Next came Disintegrator, which has a shield and can serve as a secondary tank in the lineup. Its demoralize ability made opponents melee attacking monsters less threatening.

I placed Mycelic Slipspawn in third place. It is a high HP unit with taunt ability that makes him the primary target. I always loved this unit and try to form my lineup around this card when I get high mana cost battles.

Next was Regal Peryton, a quick flying magic-attack dealing monster. It has a nice miss rate and can become the difference between winning and losing.

Goblin Psychic came next in the lineup. It deals 2 magic attacks and heals the tank each round with its tank heal ability. It made my Unicorn Mustang invincible in the battle.

Last came Goblin Tower. I place it at the last to deal with those sneak monsters but the opponent didn't have any in their lineup. It helped in sniping monsters with its ranged attack.

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Yes, my strategy worked perfectly. I will say that the MVP was my summoner "Mylor Crawling", and "Disintegrator" that made opponents' melee attacks useless. For low mana cost battles, I would use the "Disintegrator" as a tank.

Do you like the DISINTEGERATOR? Why or why not?

Yes, I like the Disintegrator a lot. Being a neutral monster I can use it with many summoners and it can be used as a tank as well in low-cost battles.

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