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Cursed Windeku is one of the best tanks that is part of the death element. It came out with the Chaos Legion pack. I have been using it since the launch. It has both attacking and defensive strengths.

It does 2 melee damage with 3-speed points and comes with a nice ability named thorns that allows it to deal damage back to melee attackers. So, it is a great attacking option. It also has a good amount of health and along with its thorns ability makes it a good defensive option at the front of the lineup.

Let's see how I utilized this great asset in my battle. First, we will talk about my lineup.

My Lineup

This is my lineup for the battle

SummonerOwster RotwellMagic Reflect
Position 1Cursed WindekuThorns
Position 2Silent Sha-viSneak
Position 3Vinari SpellsmithDispel
Position 4Life SapperLife Leech
Position 5Undead BadgerSneak

It was a 23-mana cap battle. I used the Owster Rotwell as my summoner that gave all my monster "magic reflect" abilities that can deal damage back to mages. This ability helped immensely in this battle. Also, this was a standard battle with no modifications to the ruleset.

I used the Cursed Windeku in the first position. No surprises there, it was the best option to be my tank. It not only deals a good amount of melee damage but comes with a very useful thorns ability that deals some damage back to a melee attacker. So, this was my preferred choice for the tank in this battle.

In the next position, I used the Silent Sha-vi, one of my personal favourites in the entire game. This card has balanced stats be its 2 melee damage or 3-speed points or a good amount of health. This comes with a sneak ability that attacks the enemy lineup from the last rather than the usual front of the lineup.

Next came the Vinari Spellsmith, a mage that deals with 1 magic attack but has low health (2hp). It comes with an interesting ability named dispel that removes any positive status from the enemy monster that it hits. Combined with the magic reflect ability gained from my summoner, it was a great option for me in this battle.

Another mage Life Sapper came in the fourth position in my lineup. This has similar stats to Venari Spellsmith but has a unique ability named life leech that increases its health every time it damages the enemy monster. This makes it harder to eliminate if it stays for a few rounds on the battlefield.

Last but not least was the Undead Badger, it is another melee unit that deals only 1 damage and has just 1 health. But it comes with sneak ability that deals damage from the end of the lineup. This ability helps in adding a surprise element to the battle.

My Strategy

My strategy involved using a good tank in the front of my lineup that can take some heavy blows and stand its ground and what other than the Cursed Windeku could do that?

I used magic attacks while making sure to take care of my opponent's mages. I used Owster Rotwell and its ability to give all my monster magic reflect helped in countering the heavy magic attack from my enemy team.

I wanted to surprise my opponent by using monsters that don't attack with the normal flow of battle but deal damage from the end of the lineup and Silent Sha-vi and Undead Badger helped me do that exactly.

I will share my battle here, which I have uploaded to YouTube.


I was expecting a heavy magic attack from my opponent and I was right. They used the Obsidian as their summoner which gives an extra magic attack to all their monster. I was fortunate enough to use Owster Rotwell against this.

This round was a tough one for both of us. Goblin Psychic was the first to get eliminated from the battle as it was placed at the end of the lineup and I used a few monsters with sneak ability. So, this move worked well for me as well. Another pair of monsters, one from each side, got eliminated soon.

There were no major winners in this round.


This round proved to be a game-changer for me. The Regal Peryton was standing strong as a tank in this round but my monsters were doing a great deal of damage to the end of the lineup. Khmer princess which was placed at the end now, also got eliminated. It was now 2 against 4 monsters and at this point, I was confident that I will get win this battle.

ROUND 3 & 4

My Cursed Windeku got eliminated at the start of this round. It stood there for whole two rounds and performed very well. Now just Regal Peryton was left in my opponent's camp while I still had Silent Sha-vi and a couple of others. Soon, my monsters overwhelmed the Regal Peryton and I got a nice and easy win at the end.

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Yes, my strategy worked well. Cursed Windeku stood its ground for whole two rounds while my other monsters did heavy damage at the end of the lineup. My strategy of using monsters with sneak ability proved to be the game changer in this battle. Also, the magic reflect ability from my summoner Owster Rotwell worked beautifully in this battle.

Do you like the CURSED WINDEKU? Why or why not?

Yes, I love this card. It has great attacking as well as defensive capabilities. Its thorns ability along with massive health makes it a perfect candidate for a tank just like the battle I showed you above. It has to be one of my favourite monsters from the death splinter.

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