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Armored Up ruleset gives 2 Armor to all the monsters in addition to their normal Armor stat.

This can massively increase the defensive strength of any lineup, especially against Melee and Ranged attackers.

After battling for a long time, I had to buy some extra energy as well. I got the Armored Up with another ruleset called Briar Patch. Let's see how the battle goes and talk about my lineup.

My Lineup

This is my lineup for the battle

+1 Magic
Position 1
Unicorn Mustang
Position 2
Fungus Fiend
No ability
Position 3
Goblin Psychic
Tank Heal
Position 4
Halfing Alchemist

This was only a 20-mana battle. So, I had to utilize every drop of that carefully and efficiently. Let me remind you that the battle had the following ruleset.

  • Briar Patch - All monsters have the Thorns ability.

  • Armored Up - All monsters have 2 Armor in addition to their normal Armor stat.

Only the Life and Earth splinters were active in this battle and I went with the Earth. Because of the extra armor, I wanted to use mages so I can ignore the armour and deal damage directly to the enemy cards. For this, I used the Obsidian as my summoner which increased the magic attack by 1.

I was expecting a heavy magic attack from my opponent as well. Seeing extra armour most players would want to use mages so they don't have to worry about the extra protection. So, I was expecting it and decided to go for an anti-magic lineup.

I used the Unicorn Mustang as my tank which not only has a good amount of health but comes with the Void ability that reduces the damage from magic attacks. This came with a heavy cost of 8 mana which was not a small cost for 20 mana battle only. But the good thing was it deals heavy Melee damage with good speed.

Fungus Fiend came in second place on my lineup. It was a zero mana battle and I used it just to shield my next important unit in the lineup. I didn't expect much from this and its melee attack was of no use in this position as well. As I said it was just a sacrificial unit which hopefully can take one or two hits and slow the opponent.

I placed the Goblin Psychic in the third position. It was one of the most important cogs in this machine. Its Tank Heal ability heals the card in the first position after each round which helped immensely in this battle. Also, its 2 magic attack is very powerful on their own. That was the reason, my opponent also used this unit.

Last but not least was Halfing Alchemist, the only Ranged attacker in my lineup. It cost just 2 mana and comes with an interesting ability called Halving which reduces its target's attack by half. However, it only has 1 health so it can be easily eliminated with 1 hit by a magic attacker.

Now that my lineup was set let's talk about my strategy for this game.

My Strategy

Because I had only 20 mana to spare and two interesting rulesets. I predicted my opponent will use a heavy magic attack. I was thinking of the same at first and even used the Obsidian to give more attacking strength to my mages.

But I decided to go with negating the heavy attack that I was about to get. I used Unicorn Mustang which comes with Void ability and it can survive much longer. I had to make sure it gets healed as well, so I went with Goblin Psychic which helped immensely here.

Lastly, Halfing Alchemist's Halving ability can reduce the attack and create a big advantage, especially against heavy attacks.

I will share my battle here, which I have uploaded to YouTube. Battle Link

Round 1

My opponent also used the same summoner and just as I predicted went with a heavy magic attack. Fortunately, I had prepared for it.

Their magic attacks were doing less damage. Even though I used a Melee attacker against thorns but it was a calculated risk. Round 1 ended with my Tank getting healed up and almost back to full health.

Round 2

Round 2 saw the demise of their tank, Centuri Mage. It took heavy blows from both of my star attackers. And before it could have been healed by their Goblin Psychic it got eliminated. Now it was looking like an easy win for me. My strategy worked perfectly here. My tank was healed back up to 9 hp before the start of the next round.

Round 3 & 4

My opponent's defeat was inevitable now. Goblin Psychic couldn't heal fast enough against my units and its attacks were reduced by my Halfing Alchemist. Poor guy didn't survive long. And soon the last mage also fell giving me an easy win.


Armored Up is an interesting ruleset. It can sometimes push us to go against our normal approach as with more armour players feel more comfortable going on offence. But we still need to keep an eye on our defences. Going all in with mages might not be the best approach just like we saw in the above battle. In any case, I like this ruleset a lot. It makes for some interesting battles.

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