How I make 619% more DEC every day

If you've played for at least a week, you've probably won a few free cards by now. Maybe even some very valuable ones.

Maybe you've already looked into the rental market and rented some cards. I've been renting cards since I started a few months ago but I've always kept all of my won cards to help me win more and when they are duplicates, I'd keep them unused to increase my Collection Power.

Now I realize how much DEC I've been missing out on...

With a little time and effort, I was able to get 619% more DEC every day!

Now, even if I want to use a card, I can snipe a good price from the rental market and then rent out my card for more.

Here's an example

This is on where you can see that I own 3 Venari Wavesmiths and am renting 1 of them from someone else.

All 3 of mine are being rented out for 3.99 DEC/day and I am renting one to use myself for 0.645 DEC/day.

By putting my wavesmith up for rent and sniping a lower cost rental, I am making an additional 619% DEC daily on my use of someone else's wavesmith.

Want to see what wins the most?

I'm developing a tool where once you start a battle, you can see a list of highest % win builds for that battle's manacap and ruleset using only the cards you have.

If you'd like to become a beta tester, join this Discord channel

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