Reverse Speed Ruleset, Cheap vs Expensive monster.

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Hello everybody, today I will make a post again about Battle Mage Secrets Challenge This week's theme is Reverse Speed Ruleset :


I play using my scholar account from Balthazar. This is their Discord if you want to join, but you must queue in the waitlist first because right now the scholar is full.

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Battle Link

If you want to watch the full battle link you can click Here.
For the video :

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  • I play in Diamond I league Modern Format.

From left to right :

  • firefox_8uy3KsIfmY.png Briar Patch, all monsters have Thorns ability.

    • Thorns ability, when hit with a Melee attack, does damage back to the attacker.
  • firefox_1MXCNf8L7y.png True Aim, all attack can't miss.

  • firefox_pT5EI0OBsC.png Reverse Speed, Monsters with the lowest Speed attack first and have the highest chance of evading attacks.

  • firefox_qJ3sFMaQI7.png
    Mana Cap.

  • firefox_w1OxkjibrC.png
    the element we can use.

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My Lineup and strategy

In the Reverse Speed and True Aim ruleset I try to pick monsters with lower speed because they can attack first and have a chance to kill the enemy first before they can attack. For the ruleset Briar Patch my strategy to bring many monster with range and magic attack.

My card in the scholar account is limited, so this guide is suitable only for Splinterland players who want to play in the Diamond League with cheap cards. This is my lineup:

chrome_Ti98TLknWQ.pngWe use this summoner because can give +1 armor to all of our monsters, the armor can defend against magic attack (Void Armor), and the Amplify ability will buff the damage of Thorns if the enemy bring melee monster.
uriel.jpgUriel, 1st position, put in this position because has High Armor, HP and has defensive skill Heal and Flying ability. The only weakness can only attack once every 2 rounds with 3x damage, this weakness in this battle become advantage, because this is melee monster so every time it attack will got damage by Thorns.
Chaos agent.jpgChaos Agent, 2nd position, this monster is to fill the slot because we only have 1 mana left. put in 2nd position as a tanker. I this these monsters can't do well in this battle because the speed is too high, but at least can defend against one attack because of the armor from our summoner.
Djinn Renova, 3rd position, High damage and can heal is the reason we used this monster. We want to heal our monster who has the Taunt ability Iziar.
Iziar.jpgIziar, 4th position, We used this monster because the Taunt and Martyr ability. We put this monster in here to boost the stats of the monster in the 3rd and 5th positions. With the Taunt ability, this monster will split the damage with Uriel in the first position. make both monsters have a higher chance of living longer.
Prismologist.jpgPrismologist, 5th position, we put this monster in this position so can get a boost stats from the Iziar. We use this monster because this monster has slow speed (the lower the speed the faster it become in this battle), high damage, and the Blast ability
Adelade Brightwing.jpgAdelade Brightwing, 6th position, We used this monster because it has the Resurrect ability to resurrect Iziar so the monster adjacent to it can get 2x boost from Martyr ability, Other useful ability in this battle is Repair. Put in the last position to protect the Prismologist if the enemy brings a monster with the Sneak ability, this monster's weakness in this battle is it has the Swiftness ability, which makes all friendly monster speed increase by +1.

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The Battle


The enemy brings the summoner Mimosa, this summoner Affliction ability makes all our monsters can't be heal, decrease our monster range damage, and make our magic attack to the enemy become half. The enemy monster Queen of Crow can decrease the range damage by -1, and the Tower Griffin give armor to all the enemy monster. The Enemy Tanker Almo can reflect the range and magic damage. This enemy summoner and monster buff and debuff will be troublesome in this battle. The enemy not bring any melee attack who can attack.

Round 1:
The battle starts with buff and debuff.
Not much happening in this round, the enemy tanker Almo's in the first position is very troublesome because he keeps reflecting damage from our magic and range monsters and gives damage to our monster behind. The Adelade Brightwing keeps Repairing the Iziar armor and Djinn Renova restoring the Iziar HP.

  • Round 2:
    This battle was not preferable for us, but everything changed when Uriel managed to kill Almo with the Uriel Recharge ability with a total of 12 damage. In this round, after Iziar died for the second time, Djinn Renova and Prismologist got the boost we wanted, even though the damage from our monsters increased, unfortunately, our speed also increased, but because of the True Aim ruleset our attack can not miss.


  • Round 3:
    In this round, after Iziar was dead, almost all the enemy monsters attacked our Uriel except Runi, who attacked our monster with the smallest HP, which is Chaos Agent. Attacked by many enemy monsters Uriel left only 9 HP remaining at the end of the round.


  • Round 4 :
    In this round, the enemy 2nd tanker Cthulhu dies attacked by our Uriel. Our Chaos Agent was killed by the enemy Runi without Chaos Agent we may be in trouble if Runi attacks our attacker, he has 4 damage, can't miss, and have Reflected Shield ability which make the effect of Thorns can't damage this monster. Our Uriel died in this round killed by Dhampir Stalker. In this round, we have 3 monsters left and 4 enemy monsters left, this is a tough battle.


  • Round 5:
    With great difficulty, we managed to kill the enemy monster Queen of Crows which has a very large HP, even though this monster is a range type monster because it has the ability Close Range can attack in the first position. Runi's enemy monster, which is a melee monster, advances to the first position.


  • Round 6:
    Our monster Djinn Renova was killed immediately in this round by Runi who has Speed 1. Our Prismologist range type monster moves to the first position so can't attack anymore. we only have the Adelade Brightwing monster which can still attack.
    Fortunately, our Prismologist has Forfefield ability so the attack from Dhampir Stalker only decreased the HP of Prismologist by -1.


  • Round 7:
    The enemy Runi died attacked by our Adelade but resurrected again by the ability it has.


  • Round 8:
    In this round, our Prismologist dies killed by Runi. Luckily Adelade has a lower speed than the 2 enemy range monsters so he can attack first and kill Runi and the enemy Tower Griffin monster moves to the first position so it can't attack again, and only the attacking monster Dhampir Stalker remains on the enemy's side.


  • Round 10 (I skipped to round 10 because the battle is boring):
    You can see our Adelade keeps attacking the enemy Tower Griffin decreasing their HP, and the enemy Dhampir Stalker attacking our Adelade who keep repairing the armor, Dhampir Stalker attack always hits the armor first and can't kill our Adelade. This will be a long battle because the enemy summoner decreasing our magic with Void ability we can only damage and decrease the enemy's HP by -1.


  • Round 14 (we skip it again to the round 14):
    In round 14 finally, we can kill the enemy Tower Griffin. The enemy Dhampir Stalker moves to the first position and can't attack anymore, with 7 HP we can only damage Dhampir Stalker with 1 damage it will need time to kill it.


  • Round 21:
    Because the battle reached round 20, in round 21 Fatigue effect (at the start of the round all monsters' HP will decrease by -1) started to activate and decrease both monsters' HP with only 1 HP left Dhampir Stalker died, and the victory become ours.

Did your strategy work?

Yes, it works, although the Almo is usually very hard to defeat because of high speed and can evade all kinds of attacks, but in this Reverse Speed and True Aim, the speed of Almo becomes useless. Another factor that makes Almo hard to defeat is the HP is high, fortunately, we bring Uriel who has high damage and can quickly kill Almo. With the help of Iziar who has Taunt ability, our Uriel can survive until round 4, and give us enough time to kill the enemy monster tanker in front with the help of boost stats from Martyr ability.

Our healer Djinn Renova and Uriel Heal ability is disabled in this battle because of the enemy summoner Mimosa. The enemy brings many monsters in the front with high HP. We barely won, but I think the result is good enough the enemy monster is much more expensive and stronger than our monster, but they don't bring a monster with Taunt ability, or Repair ability.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my post. I really appreciate it and would be grateful if you could provide me with feedback on any mistakes you find by leaving a comment.

If you are new and want to try this fantastic strategy card battle game feel free to use my referral code to join.


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