Keep Your Distance ruleset, We Need Good Tanker

Hello everybody, I want to write another post in Splinterlands Community for Battle Mage Secrets Challenge. This Week's Theme is Keep Your Distance ruleset.

I play in the modern format, Diamond League, using my scholar account from Balthazar.

Battle Link

If you want to watch the full battle link, click Here.
Video link :


From left to right :

  • Odds One Out, Only monsters with odd mana cost can be used in this battle.

  • Ferocity, all monsters have Fury ability.

    -Fury ability, do double damage against monsters with the Taunt ability.

  • Keep Your Distance, only magic and range monsters can be used.

  • Has mana cap 34.

  • Can use the element Earth, Death, and Dragon.

My Lineup and strategy

Some Tips and strategies we can use :

  • For this ruleset Keep Your Distance, It means we only deal with range and magic monsters so better used a summoner or monster who has an ability that can deal with that. Because we can use the Dragon element it's easier to choose the tanker monster, we have good monsters who can deal with this kind of attack, and if you can do focus fire, attack 1 enemy monster with many monsters.
  • It is only a small mana battle so the ruleset Ferocity will be ignored, cause usually monster with Taunt ability has middle to high mana requirements, we will lose many attack power if use those monsters.
  • For the ruleset Odds One Out, it's better if you can memorize which monsters have odds mana, but if you can't just pick the best summoner which can deal with the ruleset first and look for the monsters inside, if you are not satisfied you can look another summoner.

We will choose the Dragon element so we can use Void Dragon as a tanker, this monster can evade all kinds of enemy attacks (range or magic). We will talk about it more in the lineup discussion :

Summoner or monsterAbilitiesDescription
Quick the Devious, Summoner. Can decrease enemy monster speed and range damage by -1We used this Dragon summoner because it can decrease enemy range monster damage and make our monster attack first by reducing the enemy's speed -1
Venari Marksrat, 1st position, Support, has the ability Martyr.We used this monster to boost the stats of the Void Dragon with the Martyr ability this monster has. If this monster dies all the stats of the monster adjacent to it will increase.
Void Dragon, 2nd position, attacker and tanker. Has the ability Flying, Void, and Phase.As the main tanker, with the boost of Martyr ability will increase the chance to evade the enemy attack. Without Martyr boost this monster already has great speed and ability to evade the enemy attack. Having a high speed of 5 and the ability Flying, this skill increases the chance to dodge the enemy attack by 25%, Void ability makes enemy magic attack reduce by half. With the Phase ability, the Void Dragon has a chance to evade the enemy's magic attack.
Soul Strangler, 3rd position, Attacker. Has ability PoisonFor 3 mana this monster has high damage, but is fragile because of its small HP. The weakness is the Low speed I hope this monster can hit the enemy and inflict the Poison effect, so every round the enemy's HP will decrease by -2. Because of the small HP and low speed, I put this monster in this position cause I think this is the safest place.
Dhampir Stalker 4th position, Attacker. Has the ability True Strike and Deathblow.This Range monster has a high attack of 5 and can't miss because of the True Strike ability. This becomes our main attacker. I put this in 4th position because I want to protect it in case the enemy brings a monster with Sneak ability like Iza the Fang (range monster). Deathblow ability will make this monster do double damage when hit the last enemy monster.
Lira The Dark, 5th position, attacker and tanker. Has the ability Opportunity, Snare, and Swiftness.This is our last attacker and tanker, Have a high speed of 6, good range damage of 4. The ability Swiftness can give +1 speed to all friendly monsters, making all monsters an increased chance to attack first, hit the enemy, and evade the enemy attack. Hope with high speed can evade the enemy attack if the enemy brings the monster with a sneak ability (attack the monster in the last position). The Opportunity ability will make this monster attack the monster with the lowest HP and The Snare ability will disable the ability Flying in the enemy monster if hit by this monster, this monster can't miss if hit the enemy with the Flying ability.

The Battle

  • Round 1:
    The battle started with buff and debuff, as usual. The enemy brings a summoner *Lily Shieldpaw, this summoner makes only a monster in the first position can be attacked, it can heal friendly monsters not in the first position and add +1 HP to all friendly monsters.
    We have more speed than the enemy our summoner Quix and our monster Lira give +2 speed buff, the enemy only has 1 speed buff from the Lira.
    Our monster Lira attacked first, damaging and Snare the enemy Void Dragon disabling the Flying ability. Our Venari Marksrat dies hit by enemy Lira and boosts the stats of our Void Dragon. The enemy Void Dragon dies hit by our Dhampir Stalker. Our Soul Strangler was hit by an enemy Gem Meteor Random attack and was only left with 1 HP. Our Soul Strangler attacked the enemy Life Sapper and Poisoned this monster.

  • Round 2 :
    The enemy Life Sapper die in this round because of the poison effect and activated the ability Redemption, giving damage to all our monsters by 1 and killing our Soul Strangler. The enemy Soul Strangler dies hit by Lira. The enemy Meteor Gem moves to the first position and can't attack anymore. Only 1 attacker left in the enemy team Lira the Dark. Lira attacks our Void Dragon damage and Snare it, disabling the Flying ability of our Void Dragon.

  • Round 3:
    The enemy Gem Meteor die attacked by our Void Dragon, and makes the enemy monster Lira move to the first position and can't attack anymore (range monster can't attack in the 1st position), easily killed by our Dhampir Stalker. With the death of the enemy Lira the Dark, the victory becomes ours.

Did your Strategy Work?

Yes, the Strategy is working although not perfect the boost of Void Dragon with Martyr ability helps to increase the damage and HP makes this monster faster to kill the enemy and live longer, but to my surprise event with high speed and Flying ability, this monsters can't evade a single enemy attack. Event the enemy Soul Strangler with only 3 speed can hit it.

Our monster Dhampir Stalker with 5 damage really helps to kill the enemy tanker Void Dragon. Soul Strangler poison helps to kill the enemy, Life Sapper, with the death of the enemy Void Dragon and Life Sapper tanker it's easier to kill the rest of enemy range monsters, the enemy with range type attack can't attack anymore when move to the first position.

The enemy monster attack does not focus on attacking our monster in the 1st position, only 3 monsters focus on attacking our monster in the 1st position, Their summoner forcing us to attack only the monster in the first position gives us the advantage, making our Lira and 3 our monsters attacking monster in the first position. Void Dragon has a boosted damage from the Martyr ability, making us faster to destroy their tanker.

Although I said before that we must focus fire but I still bring Lira The Dark with Opportunity ability because we need that +1 speed boost from Swiftness ability especially for our tanker Void Dragon hoping that he can evade more of the enemy attack, which did not happen. 😨

Thank you, my friend, for taking the time to review my battle report. I appreciate your efforts and would be grateful if you could provide me with feedback on any mistakes you find by leaving a comment.

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