Giveaway 2 Riftwatcher - 1 Epic - 3 Rare Card random Giveaways (GA-26) , Opening Gold and Diamond in daily

The result from the last Giveaway and the new Giveaway is at the bottom of this post. Got pack in my scholar. Becauseof The new rating system, my scholar already reach Diamond 2 now. I think we will get more earning this season. more chest, more sps in battle.

My main account poplar-22

Not play yet, after brawl will play again.

My Scholar Account bltzr-wizard-710

Giveaway Result from GA25

Winner 1-3
Winner 4-6

Congratulation @tinyputerboy, @outwars, @steemmillionaire, @alexis666, @gregory-f, @arveno !! Already sent a card before posting.

All participants: @jfang003, @txrose, @pregosauce, @monsterbuster, @yorra, @sylmarill, @iceman23, @treefrognada, @bitandi, @saydie, @filuris, @hoosie, @arveno, @fire-born, @daethical, @olaf.gui , @alexis666,@wolcott, @dubble, @dinadan2001, @pulubengdugs, @dtam, @thedoc07, @shawnnft, @pesigolovec, @engilhramn, @emeraldtiger, @outwars, @dk1trade, @gregory-f, @luizeba, @treefrognada, @pregosauce, @flummi97, @karwol, @pero82, @mauriciolimax, @rtonline, @lorddiablo,@mcrahman91, @ebastion, @poshthreads, @blessedkid-121, @virtualgrowth, @bitcoinflood, @ynwa.andree, @rimurutempest, @arc-echo, @jmehta, @weed.dispenser, @voidd, @harharhar, @kramaric.goat, @deimargd, @speedtuning, @jeffjagoe , @cantfoldaces, @hmayak, @thebighigg, @sheikh27, @dailyspam, @kryptofire, @aimharryianne, @blitzzzz, @ladymisa, @subidu, @steemmillionaire, @tinyputerboy, @dewabrata, @henruc, @alex2alex, @nomaddreamer

New Giveaways (GA-26)

  • i will mention to all participants from previous Giveaway if you don't want to mention please comment and said stop it, i will exclude you from the list.
  • Leave any comment below (any will do, no specific format, no need to tag username unless it is different username for Splinterlands game).
  • Bots can't win
  • The reward will goes from left to right when i pick the winner, so can't choose the card (random), because the price for each card is different, one person one entry and can only win 1 card
  • This giveaway will last appproximately 2-3 Day from now . Before end, I will leave a comment such as Time's Up.
  • i will use Hive random comment picker to choose the winner
  • I will send the card to the winner, before i announce the result.
  • Upvote, reblog is not a requirement but would be greatly appreciated in order to provide better rewards.

Any suggestion ? please feel free to comment, thx.

Credit for my reward image![] for card image.

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2 columns
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