Counterspell, Battle Mage Secret Challenge

Hello all Splinterlands player this week i want to write another post in Splinterlands Community in order to join this contest Battle Mage Weekly Challenge this is an event held by Splinterlands every week. Today Challenge theme is Counterspell :

The guide presents a strategy on how to advance through the ranks by utilizing reasonably priced or cheap-to-rent monsters that can still prove effective. So no Expensive card to rent in my guide.

Battle Link

If you want to watch the full battle link you can click Here.
For the video :


From left to right :

  • Counterspell ruleset, all monster have magic Reflect abilty.

    • Magic Reflect, when hit with Magic damage, does reduced Magic damage back to the attacker.
  • Keep You Distance, monster with melee attack can't be used in this battle.

  • Weak Magic, magic attack will hit armor first before decreasing the HP.

  • Mana Cap 39.

  • Can use all element.

My Lineup and strategy

  • Counterspell, we can choose not to use magic elemen or use magic monster with high HP or ability (void, and Reflection Shield)to defend against the reflected magic to surprise the enemy. If possible bring monster or summoner with Amplify ability.
  • Keep Your Distance, monster with sneak ability and use magic or range attack is very little I can only remembered Iza the Fang (Earth element), Pyromaniac (Fire element), and Coral Wraith (Water element), event if the enemy use that, they can't focus fire, so we can assume that the enemy will used front attacker.
  • Weak Magic, we can bring monster with armor and put in in front as tanker or used summoner who can give armor.

We decided to use monsters with water element, because has many monsters with High HP, has healer, and the most important the summoner can give armor and speed. with 4 mana cost.

This is the enemy lineup :

This is our lineup from left (first position) to right (last position) :

Summoner/monster and AbilitiesDescription
Kelya Frendul, Give armor and speed +1 to all friendly monsters.The armor very usefull in ruleset Weak Magic, if the enemy bring high damage magic monster, 1 armor can give zero damage at first attack., high speed will make sure we can attack first, increase the chance to hit and evade enemy range monsters. Hope we can attack first and killed the enemy monster before they can attack.
Wave Brood, 1st position, attacker and tanker. Has ability Taunt and Close Range.With Taunt ability all attack from enemy will hit this monster, Close range ability make this range monster can attack in 1st position. Put this monster at first position because has high HP and the attack is range type so the attack not reflected back.
Nerissa Tridawn, 2nd position, attacker and 2nd tanker. No ability.With high HP and damage this monster put in 2nd position. This is magic monster so with this ruleset the attack will be reflected but with high Damage and HP I think will survive long enough before got killed.
River Hellondale, 3rd position, attacker and support. Has ability resurrect.Put this monster in 3rd position because this is magic monster, so can attack if move to first position to protect other monster behind. The support ability resurrect will resurrect the Wave Brood if that monster die. This is magic monster so the attack will be reflected back by 1 (half damage round up), I think can survive before the Wave Brood die to resurrect the Wave Brood.
Merdaali Guardian, 4th position, support. Has ability Tank Heal.This monster can heal monster in the first positoon. We put this in the 4th position to heal our monster infront and to protect our range monster. this is our last defense to protect the archer behind. if the archer move to first position, they can't attack. So we sacrifice this monster first hope the archer behind can finish the enemy monster before this monster die.
Angelic Mandarin, 5th position, attacker. No ability.This is range monster put in 5th position to protect the monster behind who have greater damage but lower HP. The damage only 1 but has got HP for 3 mana cost. The advantage of range monster ini this ruleset the attack is not reflected back.
Kulu Swimhunter, 6th position, attacker, No ability.With 2 damage this range monster will be the last monster we have. Put this behind so can attack until the 5th monster die.

The Battle

Round 1 :
The battle begin by Buff and Debuff from both side.
Wave Brood attacked by 6 enemy monster, the enemy use 4 magic monster. The Wave Brood manage to stay alive with the help of Merdaali Guardian Heal.
No monster die in this round.

Round 2 :
The enemy magic monster HP keep decreasing because reflected back by Wave Brood.

Round 3 :

  • Our side :
    • Wave Brood die killed by Djinn Renova, and resurrected again by River Hellondale.
  • Enemy side :
    • Runemancer Atuat die killed by Nerissa Tridawn, and resurrected again by High Priest Darius.

Round 4 :

  • Our side :
    • Wave Brood die killed by Djinn Renova again.
  • Enemy side :
    • Runemancer Atuat die killed by Angelic Mandarin.

Round 5 :

  • Our side :
    • Wave Brood die killed by Djinn Renova again.
    • Nerissa Tridawn killed by Venari Crystalsmith.
    • River Hellondale die killed by High Priest Darius
  • Enemy side :
    • Time Mage die because the attack is reflected back by Nerissa Tridawn.
    • Chaos Agent die killed Nerissa Tridawn.
    • High Priest Darius die because his attack to River Hellondale reflected back and give damage.

So many monster die in this round because all monster with magic attack HP is decreasing every round hit by reflected magic.

Round 6 - 9 :

  • Enemy side :
    • Djinn Renova die killed by Angelic Mandarin.
    • Venari Crystalsmith die killed by Angelic Mandarin.

With the death of Venari Crystalsmith the victory is ours.

Did your strategy work?

The strategy worked successfully, by placing 2 monsters with large HP in front of it making it difficult for the enemy to kill him because every heal from Merdaali Guardian his HP will increase (Restores 1/3 of the max health, rounded up).

Our magic attack type monster also managed to reduce the enemy's HP quite a lot even though it received a counterattack due to the Counter Spell ruleset.
And our strategy by using River Hellondale to revive Wave Brood was quite successful because Wave Brood managed to withstand several enemy attacks before dying again.

Thank you, my friend, for taking the time to review my battle report. I appreciate your efforts and would be grateful if you could provide me with feedback on any mistakes you find by leaving a comment.

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