Close Range Ruleset in Brawl with Alpha Beta Fray, Battle Mage Secrets Challenge

Hello everybody, we meet again. Today I will make a post about Battle Mage Secrets Challenge this is an event held by Splinterlands every week. Many Splinterlands players join in this event, including me :). Today the theme is :

This is a battle in the Brawl this week, Brawl is pvp between guilds.
I'm battling in tier 3, with Alpha Beta silver deck card. By joining this brawl u can get Merit which can change in the shop with a Gladius card and get some extra income from the SPS reward.

Battle Link

If you want to watch the full battle link you can click Here.
For the video :


From left to right :

  • Close Range, monsters with range attacks can attack from the first position.
  • Going the Distance, only monsters with ranged attack may be used in battles
  • Ferocity, all monsters have the Fury ability.
    • Fury ability, this Monster does double damage to targets with the Taunt ability.
  • Mana Cap 14.
  • Can use Fire, Earth, Life, and Dragon element.

My Brawl

My Lineup and strategy

For this battle, because must use a ranged monster I choose the earth element who has a monster that can heal and tank heal, and have a good ability to evade the enemy attack. For the summoner, I pick from the Dragon element.
This is a small mana battle so the monster we can bring is limited.

This is the enemy lineup :

This is our lineup from left (first position) to right (last position) :

Summoner/monster and AbilitiesDescription
Selenia Sky, can increase the range damage of all friendly monsters by 1.Summoner from Dragon element. With this ruleset, we only have the choice to use this monster who can take advantage of this ruleset, because we don't bring Prince Rennyn (Increase range, speed and HP all friendly monster by 1) from Earth element that monster is expensive to rent :).
Earth Elemental, 1st position, attacker and tanker. Has ability Heal.Put this monster in the first position hoping that with Heal and Tank Heal ability from a monster in 2nd position can survive longer.
Spirit of the Forest 2nd position, attacker and 2nd tanker. Has the ability Flying, Snipe, and Tank Heal.This monster can restore the HP monster in the first position, and has the ability flying make this monster increases the chance to evade the enemy melee and ranged attack by 25%. Snipe ability make this monster target other Range, Magic, and no attack monster that are not in the first position. Has High Speed and good damage.
Cutter Brieze, 3rd position, attacker. Has ability Bloodlust.The HP is small so we must put it in the last position, to protect this monster. Bloodlust ability makes this monster's stats all increasing every time kills the enemy. That's another reason we put it behind, to increase the chance this monster can kill the enemy before move to the first position.

The Battle

Round 1 :

  • The battle begins with buffs +1 range damage from both sides because we use the same summoner. The enemy brings monsters with the ability Bloodlust too, but no healer.

  • Our side :

    • Earth elemental die killed by fire Spitter.
    • Spirit of the Forest successfully evades the attack from Highland Archer.

Round 2 :

  • Enemy side :

    • Highland archer die killer by Spirit of the Forest.
    • Fire Spitter dies killed by Cutter Brize.
  • Our side :

    • Because Cutter Brize killed the enemy Fire Spitter and activated Bloodlust's ability make the damage, speed, and HP of this monster all increased by 1.

Round 3:

  • Our side :

    • We lucky that Spirit of The Forest manages to evade the attack from Ajax Lighfoot because has Flying ability if Spirit of the Forest is killed by Ajax we may have trouble because when Ajax activated Bloodlust the speed will be much higher than Cutter Brieze and he may have a chance to evade the attack.
  • Enemy side :

    • Ajax Lightfoot die killed by Cutter Brieze.

With the death of Ajax, the victory is ours.

Did your strategy work?

Our strategy was not very successful because the Earth Elemental didn't have time to heal at all. Spirit of the Forest is too fast, he attacks first, then the enemy attacks the Earth elemental and kills him quickly without getting a chance to heal.
At least the Earth Elemental could function properly as a tanker. The enemy's damage is more than ours. The enemy has a total of 10 damage, and ours only 8 damage.

The Spirit of the Forest allowed us to win the battle this time, with the high speed he managed to dodge 2 enemy attacks and survive.
Cutter Brieze's Bloodlust ability was also successfully activated and raised all of his stats.

In brawl this time we also face another battle with the Close Range ruleset.

But in this battle, we didn't have time to use the Close Range ability because the enemy couldn't kill our tanker monsters.

Even so, we have also been prepared by placing the position of the monster range according to their respective roles, which will benefit from this ruleset.

For example, we put Spirit of the Forest at the very back to make sure the monsters are safe from enemy attacks and can heal the monsters' HP in the first position as long as possible.
This battle uses a formation that is actually somewhat similar to the previous battle, with the addition of several monsters such as :

  • Lord Arianthus as a tanker. All attacks are reduced by 1/2 damage when hitting this monster, and Lord Arianthus can reflect damage from Magic attack and injure his attacker (Magic Reflect ability).

  • Goblin Chief who has the Affliction ability, makes the enemy unable to heal again if he is affected by this ability.

  • Javelin Thrower monster has high speed, great damage, and also has the ability Piercing. With the Piercing ability, after the attack hits the enemy's armor and destroys it, if there is still damage remaining it will reduce the monster's HP.

Thank you, my friend, for taking the time to review my battle report. I appreciate your efforts and would be grateful if you could provide me with feedback on any mistakes you find by leaving a comment.

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