[Splinterlands] The healing tree!

Hello everyone, friends who love Splinterlands.
After a few weeks of transition, I return to participate in the weekly contest. I would have liked to have participated last week as well, but the contest card (Screaming Banshee) is one of several cards I rented through the Peakmonsters market.

The protagonist of the weekly contest is Earth Elemental, a card that I really like and that I own in Alpha version.



These are my Earth Elementals:


One is rented but, at the end of the contract, I will sell to reinvest earning in other Alpha cards that I still need to complete my collection.

I will keep only the level 4 with 8 BCX, as 8 BCX are enough to unlock the only ability of the monster, Heal, that allow him to restore, every turn, 2 life points.


You can ma this card with 86 BCX in Alpha version, to reach:

  • 3 ranged attack points
  • 2 speed points
  • 8 life points

All this for a card that costs only 3 mana and gives you a 10% bonus in DEC for each win you collect in ranked mode. Simply beautiful!!


This is Beta edition. More printed than Alpha edition so, probably, cheaper but this doesn't give you any bonus in DEC and is less beatiful than Alpha edition (I love Alpha style :P ).

Let's see a battle with the star of the contest.


Earthquake (Non-flying monsters take 2 damage at the end of each round)
Close range (Ranged attacks may be used in the first position)
Mana cap => 23

My line-up


I have maxed Camila but, in Gold League, I can only use at level 3, My only maxed summoner, I really love her and she allows me to use a lot of cards that I own and love.


Another maxed card that, in Gold League, I can only use at level 3, so without Thorns. Beautiful tank with Earthquake ruleset, as he has Flying ability, plus Rage and Piercing.


As I recently sold my Manticore (best second laner with Corrupted Pegasus), I started to use more second laners. In this case, I choose Minotaur Warrior with Reach (can attack from second position also with melee attack) and Piercing (can go through the shield if he does more damage).


One of my favourite Earth card with three abilities and a low cost. Opportunity allows him to attack enemy monster with lowest healt, Flying and Scavenger that gives him +1 health for each monster died during the battle. With earthquake ruleset and low mana cap, a lot of monsters die early so Screeching Vulture can gain health and, thanks to its speed, finish monsters with low health left.


I bought today this cards and I started to use it. It's pretty good and has two abilities, Flying and Opportunity, like Screeching Vulture. Only two mana cost for a good monster that can attack from the second lane also with melee attack. Opportunity and blast are my favourite abilities and I use monsters with those abilities everytime I can.


In the last position I put the star of the contest. Tanks to Heal ability, earthquake has no effect to him and he can also take some damage from monsters with sneak ability. Beautiful card to use with a lot of rulesets. You have to own.







Super easy win as my opponent didn't care about Earthquake ability and I took big advantage from the beginning.

I hope you liked my post and I leave you my referral link, if you still are out of this beautiful world.


See you in the next episode of the weekly contest of Splinterlands.
I hope to own that card and can write about. Sadly freetime is rare but I write about the game as times as I can.

I wish you a good end of the season (about 5 days to go) and a good second presale for lands (about 18 days to go).

Thanks for reading!

Images are screenshots owned by the author, except for the first image owned by @splinterlands.

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