Finally got my first Harklaw

The end of season rewards seems to hate me. I never really got any good cards from end of season since I started playing this game. Just look at the loots of my 7 accounts for the last season...








Honestly I don't seem to get excited from end of season anymore. My first few season I got so excited that I overspent the rent just to be in gold league for the end of season just to be greeted by common cards, 1 Dark Energy Crystals and Potions. And that was way before the rent craze happened when rent prices suddenly went twice or four times it normal rent rate. Nowadays I don't bother with end of season anymore. I just set a budget and that's that, silver 3 seems to be way out of my league right now since I try to distribute the power of my main account to my other alt accounts. So now I'm just sticking in bronze 1, not to mention even before the latest update on bronze league chest rewards, I never really got any good cards from end of season.

So yeah I really don't bother with end of season anymore. I just don't want to be stressed anymore lol. Most of my good cards are from daily quest rewards anyway. I feel like daily quests loves me more than the end of season 🤣. After a few months of playing the game I finally got my first Harklaw.



I do own 2 Djinn Biljka but I feel like the card seems totally useless at level 1 and is better suited for reverse speed rulesets which is rare for me. I really wanted a Harklaw and a Djinn Oshannus because of how amazing these cards are. And finally my prayers have been answered. So now I hope to get a Djinn Oshannus next to complete my Chaos Legion reward cards set. So wish me luck guys. I mean it I really need that Djinn Oshannus lol


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