End of Season 74: Finally! My Chaos Legion Rewards Card Set is Complete!


Okay so before we go to the exciting part I would like to share my end of season rewards first. Honestly this is probably the most thrilling End of Season I have experienced so keep reading. For those who doesn't know yet or are first time readers, I have a total of 7 accounts. So let's get on with it shall we?

Account # 1


Okay so this account have been secured a Bronze 1 League and so I got 9 chests out of this one. As you can see I got nothing fancy. Just the usual common cards that I know everyone gets every end of season and the most hated potions or what we Filipinos love to call Lotions 🤣

Account # 2


Okay so this account have been secured a Bronze 1 League as well and as you can already see, yes more common cards and some hated potions yet again

Account # 3


Okay so this account have been secured a Bronze 1 League as well and yeah pretty normal loot down here folks. You might see this one as having bad luck but trust me I have received worst loot than this one so I'm pretty much happy getting even a single common card. I mean free 5 power is better than 0 power at all right?

Account # 4


Okay so this account have been secured a Bronze 1 League as well and look at that I got a Lava Launcher very nice, this is my 4th lava launcher so far and so the reward from account 3 that look like it had the worst luck ever got negated instantly by this card. Not gonna sell cards such as these though, I would rather use it or rent it out for extra dec income 😁

Account # 5


Okay so this account have been secured a Bronze 1 League as well and wow getting 2 rare cards in a single end of season reward is quite rare indeed well that's only for me though since I usually just get common cards and yes you guessed it right Potions 🤣. But honestly I really love Venari Crystalsmith, she is probably one of the most useful card in the chaos legion rewards pack so I'm wondering why her price isn't as high as Wavesmith considering the double heal combo with Divine Mother but oh well I'll just keep stacking her up until people realize how useful she really is

Account # 6


Okay so this account have been secured a Bronze 1 League as well and we are back to the usual rewards guys 🤣 Common cards for everyone and don't forget about the potions as well 🤣

Account # 7


Okay someone really wanted to make someone angry by canceling their rented cards on the last day of the End of Season. Well at first I was really ticked off since honestly it was only a djinn renova 100 collection power but still had the nerve to cancel it but since I was sick for 2 days I can't really go and snipe a 100 collection power just for this account and so I just let it be. Just because this account lacked 100 collection power to be in Bronze 1 so it ended up in Bronze 2 league.

I was not happy opening the rewards for this account to say the least. But to my surprise it did the opposite lol. The one account that made me sad because it's the only one who didn't reach bronze 1 is now the account that made me the happiest. I really didn't expect to get it this way. I guess sometimes bad luck really gives good luck. You get things in the ways you least expect it to be.

So to whoever who cancelled my rent. Thank you so much! Because of you I got my long awaited Djinn Oshannus. I tried searching his account name today but I already forgot. The only thing I remember is that the card was a normal foil Djinn Renova and his name got "steem" in it if I'm not mistaken. I tried looking at the Djinn Renova owners at the rent section of peakmonsters today but I didn't find the name. Don't know if I was just too ticked off to actually remember the account name but that doesn't matter now doesn't it? I got what I wanted and that's what all that matters. So I'm a happy person right now

Chaos Legion Reward Cards Complete

At last my Chaos Legion Rewards Cards Set have been completed and by that I'm quite happy with this achievement. It took me only 3 months to get it, I know some have already completed their sets way earlier than I did but I'm still happy since I know there are still a lot of people who have played longer than me and doesn't have a complete chaos legion rewards card set yet. Well I could have bought one in the market to complete my set but I really don't want to brag something like that. I want to get it in the rewards chest where luck determines who get it or not. It is easy to buy cards but I'm happier when I get it in a chest, I mean who doesn't right? Don't you feel proud if you complete your set through sheer luck? I mean I would. I have played so many games with collectibles before and completing a single set is already a great achievement, well at least for me that is.

Anyway thanks for reading this far, I know most of the parts are quite boring to read but I just wanted to share all of my rewards. See you in the next end of season or when I get my first gold foils for other cards, I hope I can complete the gold foil chaos legion reward cards next 😎


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