AMA released Chaos Legion Cards Sneak Peak


Today's AMA is probably one of the most hyped AMA I have ever attended. The Splinterlands team never fails to amaze me. The card designs are just plain epic. I really doubt now if I could ever have a chance to get one these packs. The hype now is stronger than ever thanks to the sneak peak on the cards. I mean just look at them...









The designs itself is a reason why Chaos Legion packs could be sold out as soon as it's released. I don't care what stats these cards give I want them lol.

They also gave a sneak peak on some cards with stats and new ability! Hell yeah!



That Acid Shooter Card have a new ability called Scattershot. They said that if it attacks, it will generate another attack to another random enemy monster. So it will hit 2 monsters on a single attack. How's that for a new ability! All I can say is wow just wow. Someone asked if the Taunt ability will work will scattershot ability but Cryptomancer forgot how it interacts with taunt and will have to double check it again.

Note: I don't know if the stats are final, which is probably not since it's just a sneak peak. They will probably make more adjustments before the release to make the cards more balanced most probably. Since it looks too OP to be honest.

I really pray and hope they Chaos Legions packs doesn't go sold out before I can get my hands on them. I'm not a rich player so I'm just gonna have to wait for the Chaos Legion Packs where it doesn't need vouchers to purchase them. It's a long wait for me but I'm fine with that as long as I can get my hands on them. It actually works in my favor if it takes long since I would still have time to farm DEC so that I can buy them. My goal would probably be 100 Chaos Legion packs. I just hope DEC value doesn't go down so much so I won't have to farm that much to get my goal of 100 packs. I'm really really excited now. I'm fired up to farm more. I guess it's addict mode again for me. Sorry ECR but I need to burn you down every single day 🤣

Once again good job Splinterlands Team and I hope this game will grow more and more 😎


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