Grum Flameblade Night King envisioned | Splinterlands Art Contest Week 218

For the Splinterlands Art Contest Week 218 I have chosen as a character from the game the fierce orc Grum Flameblade. It is a Legendary monster which is part of the Chaos Legion creatures that got to the portal into the Splinterlands world and brought fire all over the place (being a Fire Unit). I have envisioned for it a description like "A powerful and strong green orc is holding a sword and a crown on his head and is staying on a throne of human cranes while looking furious" and I have used this as input for the OpenAI app and I got as output some amazing AI art. The surprise is that one of the generated art looks like the Night King from the Game of Thrones. Fantastic output in my opinion.

Grum Flameblade - The Night King

Grum Flameblade - The Orc King full of blades

Grum Flameblade - The Orc King with mystic powers

Grum Flameblade - The Orc King fighting with axes

I have produced the images using OpenAI digital art generator having as the starting point the envisioned Agor Longtail dragon as the main character and the generated content has the copyright assigned to the end user (myself as owner) in the form of all its rights. Once the base images were generated I have moved and refined them with Adobe Photoshop Elements for some fine touches.

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