Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! Buy Chaos Legion Packs or buy Cards in the Marketplace?


Hi Everyone!
As a new @splinterlands gamer I’ve been enjoying ranked battles for almost 2 weeks now and the game is so much fun!

I’ve now reached 400 Rating points a couple of times and was very excited to go up a league level to Bronze II and start winning DEC: Kching!!!! but then I realize that I need 1000 power to unlock this level! 🤦‍♂️

I’ve been winning a few cards by completing the daily quests and reached a wooping 45 Power! 🎉 if my calculations are right, at this rate it’s going to take more than 9 months to unlock Bronze II I was hoping to get rich much more faster !LOL


My Skimpy card collection after 2 weeks!

So I’ve decided to invest on cards but turns out there is so many options: I could buy Chaos Legion packs for $4 each or I could buy cards individually in the market. I wonder what’s the best option?

You can buy Chaos Packs at the Splinterlands Store

I understand that buying a pack is a bit of a gamble but what is the average power you get in one pack?

If I buy cards directly in the market what’s the best strategy? Should I buy cards from the same Element or buy a bit of everything? Which are the bests cards a newbie like me should buy?.... So many questions!

The Splinterlands Market!

If all the cards available in the Splinterlands market aren't enough, it looks like you can also purchase them in other markets outside the hive: You can find links to Peakmonsters, MonsterMarket and CardAuctionZ on the market Page. What are the differences between all these marketplaces? Something I need to investigate a bit further.

I Undertand that you can also rent cards which is a cheaper option than buying them but I'm not sure rented cards increase your power or if you can only use them to play battles.

I'm sure the answers to all these questions depend on many other variables but if there's any experienced player that reads this post, your input is much appreciated!

If you are a newbie like me and have other questions that you want answered please leave then in a comment below and I will try to find the answers.

In the mean time see you in the battlefield!

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