Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! Adapt to the new rewards system or die

How to navigate the New Rewards System for Newbies

Hello Splinterlanders!

It's been more than a week now since the new Splinterlands Reward System has been implemented and for me, a relatively new player that just discovered the game a bit more than a month ago it's been challenging to say the least, frustrating quite often and feeling that it was time to quit and move on more than once.

I'm playing in the Bronze league and like everybody else at the start of the season I moved back to the bottom of Bronze III. Before the new reward system started I would play between 10 to 20 battles a day, enough to complete the Daily Quest and win one one chest per day. Using HBD rewards from passed Splinterlands Social Media Challenges and the 3000 Credits I received from buying the Spell book I was able to purchase some cards up to 1000 CP which allowed me to play on Bronze II. I'm not a very good player so I would only be able to reach Bronze II until day 5 or 6. I was able to hand on to this level and win 7 Season's chests twice.

With the new season and the new rewards system the daily quests have been replaced by the Focus Quest and the focus quests and now for each won battle you can win Focus Points and Season's Points in addition to the usual DEC and Rating Points. FP and SP are used to win Focus Chests (replacing the Daily Quests) and Seasons Chests and you need 300 of each to win the first chest.

As usual I would start playing battles on the Focus Splinter and I got hammered. I couldn't catch a breath. So I decided to abandon the focus and concentrate on winning battles playing the best splinter for the level of Mana and looking at the opponents history and then I started winning battles. Because my own deck was very limited (even at 1000 CP) I'm only able to use 1 or 2 of my own cards in each battle and I don't own any summoners so at every battle I take a 20% to 70% penalty for using Starting Cards.

First SP won with the new rewards System

The first time I won Season's points I got a wooping 1 SP !LOL At this pace it will take me forever to win Season's chests and winning Focus chests is Mission Impossible After 4 or five days of playing and winning some battles I still needed more than 135 points to win a Focus Chest! And then I figured I would be able to win only 3 to 4 Seasons chests at the end of the season. I was ready to give up.

Getting Focus Chests is Mission Impossible

One of the secondary effects of the new rewards system is that the bots are gone, maybe most newbies too so the level of players is definitely higher and battles are more challenging. Double hammer effect!

But then by some kind of miracle on Day 7 i was able to win 9 battles in a row and things change dramatically for the better. Instead of winning the usual 1 to 6 SP i was used to I started winning 40 to 70 SP and in no time I was able to win 3 Season's chest in one day. Not much you would think but still better than to start with. Now with 5 days to go I've already reached 6 Season's chests (one short of the old system) and I'm getting closer to winning my first Focus Chest

Season's chests won with 5 days to go

Here's a few tips on what I learned so far

  • Battles are more difficult than before, wait for the best players to level up and play only when it's easier. If you're winning keep playing if you're loosing more than 2 battles in a row give up and come back later

  • Forget the Focus Quest and concentrate on Levelling Up. The higher your rating points the more FP and SP you will win. You need Bronze II to start winning some serious points

  • Use as many of your own cards as possible. For as little of 0.1 DEC a day you can rent your favourite playing cards on the market place. A Great investment that will pay back in just one or two wins

Rent common low DEC Cards

Hang in there at the end of the season it's getting much better and please share your bad and good experiences with the new system

If you haven't played Splinterlands yet and wish to give it a try please click on the link below:

See you in the battlefield!

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