Splinterlands Social Media Challenge: A week of ups and downs!

This week's Social Media Challenge

Hi there!

For this week's Splinterlands Social Media Challenge I will share my 3rd week of Playing the Splinterlands Game. This week has definitely been like a roller coaster with lots of ups and downs.

After last week's post for this challenge (my first post ever) something really amazing and exciting happened: A big shoutout to @white-walker-13 who not only read my post and shared some really valuable advice on game strategy, he also delegated a great collection of cards to me so I could play on the Bronze II League. Isn't that incredible? my game power went from 40 to 1400 in an instant! I'm still in awe with this community!

I started playing with my new deck and it was definitely a fun challenge trying to figure how the new cards played in the battlefield and which were the best alinements. It's really fun to discover new cards and new favourites like the Lava Launcher, Djinn Chwalla, Venari Crystalsmith, Uraeus. This last one I've been using it as a low mana in the last position to protect my back.

My favourite Cards from the delegated deck

Bronze II is definitely a bit more difficult than Bronze III (Or maybe it's just because I was still getting familiar with my new deck) but I was able to win a few battles and win my first Dark Energy Christals.

The next days was End of Season Payout and as a Bronze II league player I received 7 loot chests. How exciting! Being my first payout I didn't know what to expect as until now I had only received daily Quest chests. It was pretty good, as I got a couple of free cards including a rare Gargoya Devil 3 potions and 23 Credits. Not sure how it scores in terms of loot but it felt great!

My 7 loot chests from the Season's Rewards

After the last 2 days I was feeling pretty good but then, like in a roller coaster, when you're at the top get ready because you'll get down faster than you think.
All of the sudden I got hit in every single battle and couldn't catch a win. At the end of the season. I'm not sure I understood this correctly but at the end of the season all the rating points you won in the previous season are lost and everybody starts over at the same level.

I was playing with better players that could anticipate all my movements and had battle lineups and cards that I hadn't seen before. But it was worse than that, It's like I was cursed, all of the sudden it felt that all my cards missed all their hits. Lineups which had wined battles before would be loosing systematically and I couldn't catch a breath for 3 days.

I barely managed to complete the Daily Quests. Loosing all the time wasn't fun anymore and a couple of times I thought of living the game altogether. But then, as soon as the better players kept moving up the ladder I was paired with newbies like me and I started winning battles again.

Last week on my first Splinterlands Social Media Challenge I wondered what was best buying a Chaos Pack or buying cards directly in the marketplace. I decided to check for myself and used the HBD i got from my Hive posts to buy a Chaos Pack Legion. I can see here below how I started opening the Chaos pack. Was it worth it? Would It had been cheaper to buy the cards I got directly in the market.
Maybe but then the thrill of opening the cards in the pack one buy one was totally worth it, at least once!

Opening a Chaos Legion Pack

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! Despite the loosing streak from this week I decided to stick around. Now that I don't have delegated cards anymore I'm back in Bronze III. I will definitely buy more cards to reach Bronze II but will wait a week or so so I can get more experience and get familiar With the new cards on my deck. Also there's a new rewards structure starting soon and I'm looking forward to see how this will play out.

CP at the start of the week: 40
CP at the end of the week 240

If you wish to join me in this fun adventure , click on the link below:

See you on the battle field!

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