New Bee in the Hive

Hi there!

I’m just joined HIVE & need some help.

I’ve been enjoying @Splinterlands for the last few days and was very excited to see all the giveaways posted on the Splinterlands community. I’ve participated to a couple and was lucky enough to win a Gargoya Lion from @zeruxanime 🥳🥳🥳, but then ran out of publishing power and couldn’t post comments anymore. It takes a very long time for it to come back.


**How do we increase our publishing power? **

I seem to be collecting @ecency Points but don’t know how to use them. 🥴

Also I’ve been upvoting a quite a few posts that I found interesting but it doesn’t seem to increase the payout of the posts I’ve upvoted. ** I am doing something wrong? **

Your help & moral support is much appreciated 😄

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