A Legendary in Bronze Rewards! What are the odds?

Hi Splinterlanders!

Yesterday I opened 16 chests for my Season Rewards with the new rewards system and you won’t believe it. On my 4th Chest I got a Legendary
I didn’t think you could get Legendaries in the Bronze League.

Seasons Rewards

Does anyone know what are the chances for getting one?

My Legendary is a Djinn Oshannus from the Water Splinter. It has 2 Magic dammage with 5 Speed 10 Life Points and the Void Ability. I can wait to start playing with it!


I’d be curious to know if anyone else playing in the Bronze League got a Legendary too?

Which one did you get?

If you want to see what else I got during this season’s rewards as well as some tips to navigate the new rewards system, check my Splinterlands Social Media Challenge Entry

See you in the battlefield!

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