[Splinterlands] Share your Battle Weekly Challenge: XENITH ARCHER

First post about the Splinterlands Battle Weekly Challenge (XENITH ARCHER).

Link to the battle: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_1ecf3e610c743d5644c48029e4b46292&ref=orenj1



imageNo modification to the standard gameplay rules and mechanics

Total Mana: 16
Usable Elements: All elements

Opponent's past 5 battles: Mostly using Life deck with Mother Khala as summoner and Venari Crystalsmith as support.

I think a Water deck with Kelya Frendul might be a good counter with the increased speed and added protection of an additional shield.


Role: Summoner

A good water-based summoner that adds 1 speed and 1 armor to all allies

Role: Main Tank

A cheap main tank suitable for low-mana decks with 3 armor and 4 health

Role: Sub-Tank

A cheap sub-tank that is able to sacrifice itself to protect the main DPS at the back. If lucky, it might be able to steal 1 hit on the opposing team too

Role: Main DPS

The main DPS with a high melee damage of 3 and opportunity ability to target enemies with the least HP to quickly finish them off, reducing the amount of damage done on the main tank

Role: Sub-DPS

A Sub-DPS to shoot the opponent from afar and at the same time, protect the main DPS from any sneak attacks

Moving on to the battle
Round 1

As expected, the opponent went with a Life-themed deck using Mother Khala as summoner and Venari Crystalsmith as a support.

The battle started as a 4V6 with my team increasing 1 speed and 1 armor due to the effects of Kelya while the opponent's team have an increased 1 health due to Khala's effect.

My Deeplurker immediately killed the opposing Chaos Agent while the opposing Crystalsmith managed to chip off 1 of my Sethropod's armor. My Archer missed their Conjurer due to the flying ability, but my Sethropod managed to deal 1 damage. Their Harpy also managed to chip off 1 armor from my Stonefish while their Leech destroyed my Archer's armor.

The battle ended with 1 enemy dying and became a 4V5.

Round 2

This round started with my Deeplurker killing off their Harpy and my Archer missing their Conjurer again while Sethropod manage to deal 1 damage. Their Crystalsmith then went on to heal the Conjurer back to full health and slowly chip off my Sethropod's armor at the same time.

Fortunately, my Archer managed to survive this round as their Leech miss the sneak attack and the round ended as a 4V4.

Round 3

The round began with Deeplurker killing off their Scrapper and the same cycle repeats, but this time, their Leech managed to eliminate my Archer and this round ended as a 3V3.

Round 4

The round began with my team aiming their Conjurer, trying to take it down, but unfortunately both missed their attacks.

Their Crystalsmith then healed the Conjurer to full health and destroyed the remaining of my Sethropod's armor while their Leech did the same to my Deeplurker.

Round 5

Thanks to their Crystalsmith healing their Conjurer, my Deeplurker now targets their Leech, which has the lowest health and managed to deal 3 damage to it, while my Sethropod managed to deal 1 damage to their Conjurer.

Their Crystalsmith and Leech also managed to deal damage to both my Sethropod and Deeplurker.

Round 6

This round began with Deeplurker killing off their Leech and their Crystalsmith healed their Conjurer while dealing damage to my Sethropod.

Sethropod also managed to deal 1 damage to their Conjurer and this round ended as a 3V2.

Round 7

From this round onwards, the battle continues as a rotation of Deeplurker > Crystalsmith > Sethropod till their Conjurer dies which eventually moves their Crystalsmith to the front and my win is secured!

Round 8

Round 9

Round 10



Although I think it was weird of the opponent to put their Venari Crystalsmith at the second position, being a support healer and a ranged unit, it was a good battle. The Xenith Archer is a neutral card that I normally pair with summoners like Kelya that gives an added protection to increase the survivability or General Sloan that gives additional range damage for low mana battles. It does well blocking attacks from their Stitch Leech to Deeplurker, my main DPS while at the same time dealing some cheap damage, which I think contributed to my victory for this battle.

Thanks for the challenge Splinterlands team! Looking forward to the next one!

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